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Are you struggling to find your dream dominatrix transvestite or TV mistress that will take you to up most levels of humiliation, servitude & consensual BDSM role playing sex.......Have I already just given away my own submissive tendencies with that opening statement? I do hope my Mistress will spank me ;o)

As a life long slave my dream was always to meet with a transvestite mistress / dominatrix and it was only after getting into the online personals scene that this dream became reality

Although a common misconception is the wording tgirl dominatrix as this is often used to describe a professional transvestite domme (escort) that engages within the BDSM scene but what we are talking about and looking at here are NOT Escort mistresses ....these are dominant transvestites that meet with subs for there pleasure and enjoyment ...........If you want to meet with these Dominant trannys its more so about proving your worthy to meet them rather than pulling your wallet out!

Get on your knees and beg ......the tranny mistress may meet you

Whether your a submissive male ( hello ) sub crossdresser or a couple thats wanting to meet with a tranny dominatrix not only can we help and point you in the right direction but via our members section you can enjoy the UK BDSM community via forums and message boards

Unlike most types of sex contacts there is a level of understanding and knowledge required between Mistress & slave along with trust and this is why when initially corresponding with members honesty is paramount, after all if your planning of visiting a transsexual dominatrix often from the initial meet the mistress will expect your obedience .......

The BDSM scene is all about role playing sex with a dominant transvestite taking the controlling role and you the slave (s) following her every command which are normally agreed ( along with safe words ) by email correspondence so when visiting the TV mistress you know right from the onset whats required and excepted

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Not all dominant trannies are the same ......find out there expectations

Whilst its correct that you should and will follow any instruction your mistress tells you its also extremely important that before meeting up you understand the levels and limits the mistress will take you to....our maybe your just happy that the mistress will meet you and your prepared for your punishment and abuse

Whether the Mistress is going to want you for a sexual playing , a whore, fuck bitch, or just a submissive slave to worship her you need to know this.. Many transvestite dommes have roles they enjoy and these can include:-

  • Forced transvestite blowjobs...often saved for the bi curious guys or maybe not if you like your bdsm of the softer side and here the idea often is that you'll visit the mistress and she will mouth fuck you whilst your still dressed then once shes cum you the doors..the ultimate in humiliation, in some cases no discussion just open, suck ..swallow
  • Forced sissy slut / TV maid training.. whether your a sissy crossdresser or you have aspirations to be a sissy to a dominant mistresses here the idea is that you'll be dressed often in silk & satin, stockings and make up. Maybe if your yearnings is to be a TV maid you'll be shown where the hover is and forced to clean the house whilst your mistress enjoy some humiliation ....sometimes in the case of sissy males you maybe forced into bisexual acts with others involved with forced feminisation ( yes please mistress )
  • Whips, Collared ...owned .. the domination of her slave means she's more than ready to for unspeakable ( you never ask) things and depending on agreed limits this can be in the form of light transvestite domination where often collars and leads will be involved to more full on extreme S&M sessions where you can be sure your mistress will take you place she wants with often extreme levels of bondage, restraint and even torture of her slaves revolving around extreme fantasy play ( safe words!! if you don't know find out)

Above all what every your level of BDSM is its all about role playing and words like forced, consensual come into play within the role playing fantasy meets thats involved in the meet between the dominant transsexuals and slaves

So long as good communication is initially had between all the enjoyment and fantasy play between all will exceeds your expectations and take you to new levels of pleasure with the BDSM scene

The real question now is do you want to meet with your mistress? posted on the right is some sample personals so that you can gain some idea as to the level and what they are looking for in slaves - also by using the navigation at the top of the page you can access various feature towns

All images used are from dominant transvestites that are looking for slaves either submissive males, females, couples or TV/TS/CD


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