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You know something I've done my best to work out which Watford Transvestites club the feature image is taken in !!! anyone care to share? Maybe I'll just drop this Watford tgirl a message just asking....

Sadly ( for me) this Watford TV is gay and only looking to meet with other trannies....gutted, ok for all you other gurls, but not this horny admirer, but the featured member below, now that's a member looking to meet with all members ;o)

Before we start jumping into members let me first welcome you to the site....Here we have posted just a little selection of some of the local Watford TV/TS/CD personals, along with edited pics

From this page you can't directly contacts the Watford trannies, but as basic membership is free hopefully you'll join us and then you can contact any of the members listed here of the many others that are waiting to meet admirers and other trannies inside the members section....(details on member features on the right ) anyone want to see some talent ? enjoy

Feature ..View Ads Click Here.. ( Watford TV Profile with 100 plus images uploaded ).. I'm here because I'm all dressed up in my finest and have nowhere to go!!! if your a male, female or another TV then would you like to help me?

I'm looking to meet local members around Watford as I can't accommodate and looking to meet up and hang out with someone either an admirer or similar TV..

I've posted just a few photos showing me in various outfits but would love to meet with someone that pass on some make up tips and maybe we can even share our wardrobe and then head out on the town?

I am quite submissive and do enjoy the role of being a submissive TV maid and as you can see do have a French Maids uniform and will call round the yours and be your maid for the night. I do have several uniforms and love dressing sexy being either a vampish TV goth, sexy tranny secretary . But either way what ever you want I'll be ready to drop to my knees at your command and be your willing servant for the night....(contact members)

samples from local members below join us NOW and contact members ........

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View Ads Click Here.. (39) TV Watford.. I'm a part time gurl in a crazy mixed up world that just wants to have some fun meeting with similar members or female admirers. I'm 39, and a TV from Watford. I dress as a guy during the daytime but once home adore slipping into feminine outfits and dressing as a girl. I also dress at the weekends and really just about every opportunity I can. I can be initially shy but once we get to know each other open up and enjoy a good chat. I'm here to meet up with other girls / TV around the same age, so ideally late thirties and that are in a similar position to build friendships and have a bit of fun, maybe just meeting up and sharing a bottle of wine and some girly fun. I'm 5'11", green eyes, long brown hair and apparently so I've been told my long legs are my best assets and pert bottom. I can accommodate as I'm single so open to meeting up with others although only here to meet with CD,TV,TS and Girls, so sorry no guys or hairy panty wearers. So how about it fancy calling round .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) Black TV Watford.. I'm a mature Gay Black TV in Watford/London. I'm 58 years old, mixed raced and not that convincing as a female but here to meet up with others for friendship and fun including anal sex, Gangbangs, Group sex & sex in public places. I have my own place so can meet there but please note I'm quite tall with a athletic figure and not convincing, but I'm here for some fun and I'm a friendly and happy person (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) CD/TV/TS Watford.. I'm tall, slim and drop dead sexy TV that's smooth and here for some sensual fun times meeting up with guys or gals. My name is Sarah and I'm a convincing Transvestite that lives alone in Watford and as you can see love to dress in sexy outfits and if you want to see any more pics then contact me. When meeting guys I do look towards you using me as a female but happy to just have some gurlie fun with other tvs. Discretion is expected, especially if meeting at my home and assured from my side. I've had messages asking if I'm an Watford escort! no I just enjoy meeting others for sex, although if you want to bring a bottle along with you I'm sure we can make good use of it .. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (59) CD/TV/TS Watford I'm sheena and looking for friends. Im 50 years old and have been xdressing for many years, in fact I started when I was 8 so you could say I've been dressing for a little while.. I'm out and enjoy going out and meeting others and looking for similar tv/ts for some fun nights out with. Its been a long time since I had a gurlie night so how about it want (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) Watford Crossdresser.. Anyone up for some NSA sex with a cross dresser? I love to wear stockings, little skirts silk panties, and then be all slutty with anyone that wants me. I'm able to meet at mine and you can come round and I'll bend over and you can use me
as you pleasure yourself. I'm very submissive and if you like or can put a leash on me and walk me round the bedroom. Im a chilled crossdresser and likes kinky sex so anyone fancy meeting up? either mine or yours (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) Watford TS.. (feature top image) I'm stacey's and I've not gt a lot to say. I'm a gay TS in Watford that's only looking to meet other tv/ts foursome fun. I'm out and enjoy going clubbing, love dancing and generally parting with friends. I'm happy to chill out over a bottle of wine or just going out to the cinema. Want to meet? (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) CD in Watford.. I'm a smooth cd thats submissive and enjoys meeting with male admirers as I love to dress to impress and enjoy the sub cd role. I dress in 1950s fashion / lifestyle and do enjoy pleasing a man as a female and looking for tall, broad straight acting type guys that are masculine and dominant that enjoys taking control. I will do my best to please your desires and needs and I'll be smooth , dressed fully, with make up and blonde perm wig. I'm slim and wear pencil skirts or wiggle dresses with bra and girdle, or maybe sometimes a corset, petticoat and panties and of course FF or RHT stockings with high heels. I'm not about to have full sex on the first date, but would never let a guy leave me all frustrated after all I want you coming back for more. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (64) Tranny Watford.. I'm looking to meet with male admirers as I love to have a man round to my home and transform before his eyes. I'll have a long bath first then getting out and letting you towel dry my smooth skin, gently applying moisturiser, next painting my nails hands and toes with a bright red varnish then enjoy s glass of wine whilst my nails dry then slip on stockings, corset ( love being tied in tightly) then slipping into my little panties, bra and a sexy little dress. Make up is something I do in private then we can get out and party all the time you know just whats under my dress as I do love the transformation process and seeing a man as he (contact members)

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