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Whilst its pretty clear for most just where the local Lancashire Transvestite scene is at the rate the UK keep moving its boundaries around this admirer is soon going to get pretty confused lol....But right now I think I know what constitutes a lancashire tgirl town ...although if that changes don't blame me lol

For many the North West local scene does start with Lancashire and with its very liberal seaside towns its pretty certain if your heading this way or you live within Lancashire your not going to looking around for long to meet with local members ....

The real question is do YOU want to Meet Lancashire tgirls ?, then read on, or better still STOP reading and join us ;o)

You may wonder why I ask if you "really" want to meet Lancashire transvestites, and the reason I posted that was the internet has now made it so easy to meet up with local contacts you do get people that join sites that are just "curious" about what sex is like with a transvestite or transsexual, although is that wrong ?

In a way I suppose not, as now people can explore there sexuality and try out different things pushing sexual boundaries and trying things that maybe in the past was just limited to watching on porn videos, although like the tranny personals scene thats now streaming .....

The internet offers both admirers and tgirls easy access to thousands of personals right across Lancashire and if you want to get some idea whats local to you we've posted this intro page that offers that along with a lot more with direct access into our local members using the FREE link below...

Overview of members features can be found right ...edited samples, photos & links below .....

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View Ads Click here (47) CD/TV/TS Lancashire.. males, females and adventurous couples if your looking to meet with a Transgirl then read on. I've always envied females and as a child would look at female clothing and want to wear them, in fact I started dressing by wearing my mums clothes, now I have my own!. I did try to suppress my feelings but after many years I decided that I wanted to allow my inner feeling come out and express my feminine side. I've posted some photos of me, but when contacting me please let me see something else other than photos of your genitalia, likewise I will want to see your face .(Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (46) CD/TV/TS Lancashire.. bi curious bbw transvestite that loves wearing lingerie and here to meet with others to share sexual experiences, either similar males, females or couples. If your looking to meet up for NSA fun with a panty boy then why not drop me a (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (45) CD/TV/TS Lancashire:- Im a 44 y/oTV that lives in Lancashire and is able to accommodate, but only for other Cd/TV/TS as I'm not looking at meeting with guys, if your a male you mite as well STOP reading as I'm not interested. I love my feminine side and dressing up and would love to meet with others for some discrete sexy fun either at mine or yours. I dress fully with full make up and nice outfits and do my best to be as convincing as possible. I'm an easy going TV but can be quite shy and joined up to meet with local members and would love to try a threesome TV,CD session and maybe even do a little porn movie and maybe we could get a sugar daddy round to sort this out for us and yes I will consider a sugar Daddy but you'll have to shower me with gifts and know just how to treat a transvestite . I'm in the chatroom most nights so if you see me online try heading into the chatroom as I love to chat with others. So thanks for reading my profile (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (56) CD/TV/TS Lancashire.. I'm a just a quiet tgirl thats looking for some naughty fun with similar tgirls. I've been transvestite for many years and have a good collection of outfits, make up and wigs as my look is always about being as convincing as I can. I have lots of styles but love wearing stockings, heels and anything sexy and always short. Happy to exchange pics with (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (49) CD/TV/TS Lancashire.. Hello, I've been xdressing off and on now for years, in fact I started dressing when I was 12 and I'm now into my forties so just a short while lol. Im married but my dressing is very much so in the closet and she knows nothing about this side to my life. My name is Bernadette and we can either meet up or webcam meet as I'm happy to meet up online and chat with others as I'm able to cam 2 cam when she's out shopping. I can't accom but will travel to meet up and keen to meet with female admirers and being bi curious would be interested in hearing from couples as I would (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (52) CD/TV/TS Lancashire.. submissive bi tv thats seeking meets with other tvs for bdsm role playing meets. I'm just getting back into my dressing after a recent lapse with my dressing so thought I'd try this site to meet up with some local folks for fun. I'm slim, sexy and tall and loves giving a wet sloppy oral sex so if you . (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (54) CD/TV/TS Lancashire.. I'm not that convincing as a female but I put 100% into my look and after some uncomplicated fun with females or other xdressers. I'm switch and enjoy the BDSM scene so can be a domme tranny or submissive. I do enjoy outdoor sex with some bondage thrown in. Ideally looking for a regular friend so trust can be built up. Happy to try things out and interested in BDSM, SM, wanking & watersports so (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (38) CD/TV/TS : Lancashire :- hiya guys im rebecca thats a bigger build tranny from Lancashire thats after some fun & building friendships with others that will hopefully lead onto other things. I'm bi and looking for tv / ts /bf / gf that wants a local fuck buddy and you can treat me like your own little slut and let me have all your cum loads .I do have a kinky side that would like to try some rough sex meeting with groups where you can rip my knickers off me and get brutally fucked, maybe even double penetrated taking a cock in my month or my ass.. I'm just a cum junkie so why not fill me up.Tie me up and then rape fuck me either gagging me with your cock or force my arse cheeks open wide and fuck me silly. I'm able to take large (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (43) CD/TV/TS Lancashire :- anyone fancy meeting up for some dogging in Lancashire? I'm Cathy a convincing transvestite that meets with members around the lancashire area. I can travel to meet up and love dressing sexy and anything girly and sexy. I do love my pink lippy, long dark hair and thigh boots. If you would (Contact this Member - Click here)

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