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As an admire you gotta love it when a member posts up a load of photos and this feature member has uploaded over 200 images into his Sale tgirl personals advert

Now thats how to get noticed ;o)

Below is an edited copy from this Sale transvestite members advert so just so you can see I'm not showing any favouritism towards this member I've posted some others as well ......although this member takes top spot, just a shame I live no where near Sale....but to you lucky local members, well dig right in and start having some fun...

Just in case you didn't notice but both feature images below to this Sale trannies profile a member you can access the other 200 odd ;o)

Feature:- View Ads Click Here.. ( Sale Tgirl )Satin loving Sale Transvestite thats 42 year old, bisexual and looking to meet with females, couples and other similar transvestite members... I love to dress fully which in most cases means wearing satin and then taking on the role of being a slut for some safe fun ( keen to hear from groups that want group sex / gangbang sex)

I seem to be dressing more and more lately ( I blame this site LOL) and now dress at every given opportunity and just long for the moment when I can slip into some sexy lingerie and satin and now find myself wanting to meet up with other folks that have a same or similar passion..

My problem is I can't accommodate so looking to meet with other Sale contacts that can accommodate ..I've posted just a few photos ;o) and as you can see I've got a few extra pounds but its a bit more to grab hold off.. I've been in the scene off and back again for a good few years but its only been recently that I've been wanting to fully dress and now love being fully transformed and all the feelings along with it..

I'm not smooth as its a hard one to get past the wife and I'm very much in the closet and wanting to stay that way, so being totally smooth is something I can't so as I can't think of a good reason to remove my body hair..( had I been smooth years ago this wouldn't have been a problem), but on the plus side I do dress fully and with make up manage to hide it well.. I do dress fully ands love everything about it and always get horny when wearing my satin panties, lingerie, stockings and being all dressed. As you can see I'm happy to pose for photos and would love to meet with others similar for fun while . . ( contact members)

Whilst its true I've somewhat featured the members advert above ( trust me when you see the other photos you'll see why) ...but we do have more Sale trannies and below are just some of those, enjoy and join us soon

Please Note - due to the adult contacts and images within this personals website you MUST be over 18 to join.....

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View Ads Click Here.. CD/TV/TS Sale .. I'm a bi mature tranny thats after some mutual fun meeting up with male admirers, females, couples and other similar trannies. I'm only after daytime meets and to save you asking I'm not into bareback sex or when offering oral do I swallow , but I do like safe anal, fisting, toys & threesome meets either with couples or singles. I'm a very femme tranny thats 5' 6" tall with a slim figure and as you can see always dress sexy wearing short slutty outfits and sexy lingerie. Best times for me to meet are anytime between 10 - 4 and sorry but I can't accommodate but have no problems in traveling (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. Bi Male Sale.. Hi I'm a horny bi xdresser thats after some fun adventures local to me in Sale. I'm broad minded and will consider most sane requests. I'm not looking for pain as I prefer pleasure, lots of pleasure. In the bedroom I'm a top ( prefer to fuck) so enjoy meeting bottom guys / trannies for safe meets I also like (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. Gay Sale TV .. I'm a gay transvestite in Sale although will meet with any member that knows how to have a good time in bed. I'm a mature TV but friends say I look younger than my years and I'm here to meet with others to get WELL serviced as I do love a good fucking either with the real thing or a strap on with meeting females. I don't fuck others as I have a VERY small cock so not able to fuck but I'll sit back and ride your cock as I do love a hard cock deep inside me. I'm also after some tranny fisting sex as I want to be fisted hard and then fucked till I can't take anymore. I'm sub tranny and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (64) CD/TV/TS Sale.. I looking to meet with other Sales trannies for some fun round mine as I'm single so can accommodate. I'm NOT looking for guys / men but more than happy to meet with similar cd/tv for some fun. I'm clean, discreet and have a good sense of humour. Into most thing such as wanking, sucking, ws, some mild spanking and off course fucking. If you . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. TS Sale..I'm a full time TS thats been 247 for 4 years and here to meet the man of my dreams. I'm only looking to meet with men but will have cam chats online so if you see me around please say hi, but I don't meet with other TS/TV members as I'm straight and only looking for male. I'm 45 single and live alone in Sale (Trafford) and work for myself so I don't have any embarrassing questions to answer when considering jobs. I dress smart / sexy but don't do the slutty look and I'm not into the local Sale tranny scene as I prefer straight clubs / bars. I'm not looking for frill seekers and guys that just wanna have sex with a "chick with a dick" I'm looking for LTR. I've posted some photos in my private file that I will show you but I will only do this in private as none knows that I'm a transsexual and thats how I want to keep things. so drop me .. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. CD/TV/TS Sissy CD Sale..I'm a sissy crossdresser in Sale that looking for dominant males or similar contacts. I'm 46 single and as I live alone meeting up at mine and dressing is fine. I wanted to give this personals site a go as I've been playing alone and thought it was about time I started meeting with others. I'm very clean, discreet and not out as of yet . So here goes (contact members)

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