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You can't image the frustration I had when I searched for Trafford transvestites clubs and nothing came up !! thankfully the village is only around the corner ;o)

I don't normally search for clubs but just out of interest I did just to see what was going on as I had noticed a few Trafford tgirls saying about hitting a local club....although I since found out they were talking about one in town

As you would expect from this city borough nothing is sleepy about Trafford shemales and trannies and whilst you would assume the most just head straight into town the online personals scene here is just as strong as many other major boroughs around the fact probably stronger, in fact theres no probably about it, as you'll soon see

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Feature View Ads Click Here.. ( Closet Tgirl in Trafford, Manchester seeking local meets)

Hi Darlings, Im <snip> and Im a slim, and very shy closet tgirl and here for a bit of fun along with meeting others. I'm quite petite at only 5"6 tall which does mean I get to wear VERY high heels and make my legs look great being long and smooth

Theres almost nothing masculine about me, I'm smooth, very feminine, sexy blue eyes, dress size 10 and an athletic drop dead sexy figure ( hopefully you'll agree from my pics)

I love my dressing and whilst at first it did seem like a creative challenge to transform myself from a man to a sexy women after doing for 10 years now I've got my own perceptions of what a transwomen should look like and pretty sure I've achieved that at last..

I cam out to my wife 5 years ago and whilst at first it didn't go down well, we've gotten past it and whilst it changed our marriage we've survived and now are good friends and I'm able to discuss looks and fashions I'm trying and she has helped me a lot stopping me making fashion mistakes

I'm here as I do feel lonely and missing the interaction between other tgirls and would love to have some friends to talk with over a glass of wine and looking to find locals around the Traffic / MCR area. I've started a blog here as I could go on forever but really want members to contact me and if you like you can read on online journal of mistakes and fun.. I look forward to hearing from other wonderful members and building friendships here. ( contact members)

Please note this site is for adult use only and all images have been edited to protect the local members

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View Ads Click Here.. (45) TS Trafford.. I a transwomen that wakes every morning not knowing where I'm a man or a women, but normally my first thought is 'YES, am a woman and proud of it" Its taken me a long time to reach where I am now and fully consider myself as a member of the fairer sex, its just something is missing from my life and that is a partner. My sexual appetite is growing and whilst I class myself as a heterosexual transsexual I have bi tendencies and so looking to hear from tv/ts (no HPWs). Im happy with hearing from men but you must kind considerate man that knows dressing for me isn't some fetish, its my life and(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) Dogging Trafford .. I really get turned on with the idea of dogging and outdoor meets but I'm worried about heading out to some dogging site not knowing whats going to tap on the window. Im looking to pre arrange a meet with man for some outdoor fun. I get so turned on just thinking about having sex in public places and know that other will be watching(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) Tgirl Trafford .. I'm moving to sunny old Trafford shortly and looking to find some local TVs for girls nights out going to clubs or staying in and having a bottle or 3 of wine before having some fun. I'm single and have been a tgirl for 10 years and love everything about being a tgirl especially the dressing up and buying new outfits. I would prefer to meet other out tgirls but if your not then maybe we could meet at mine for a drink, but you must dress fully and no panties men. I've posted some pics of me so please when contacting me make sure I get to see you otherwise I won't respond to your message. I'm at Trafford from (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) TV/TS Trafford.. I'm a very attractive and convincing Tgirl thats straight and here to meet a man that wants a LTR with a sexy tgirl. I'm out and particularly enjoy outside fun. I have a fit slim figure that any women would die for. I've your slim, fit and a non smoke then message me and we can arrange to meet up somewhere. I've had messages from members about my photos, yes they were taken in a studio a friend owns one in Manchester and other than a little PS editing to loose spots thats all me, he's very good isn't he. Oh last sorry no TV/TS/CD I'm only after men, hung (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (54) Mature CD Trafford.. I'm a mature crossdresser thats seeking meets with admirers and similar CDs. I'm not out and never will be as I'm not passable and would never be able to be seen outdoors. I don't use make up / wigs but otherwise dress fully and tend to wear fashions in accordance with my age, the days of slipping a mini skirt on have long gone, least for me. I've been dressing for some years and whilst I'm never going to be as good as some I do love getting dressed and keep my legs & other bits smooth. I'm able to accommodate and happy to meet with other similar and will meet members that perhaps are not smooth as I do some married guys are not able to get a smooth as they would like. Sexually I enjoy O & A and can take any role being either top or bottom but its always safe and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (40) Transvestite Trafford..Im a transvestite in Trafford and here to meet a kind loving man that will treat me like a lady and want a LTR with a trans. I love being as feminine as possible and look towards loosing all the signs of my real sex and have just purchased breast forms that give me the figure I would so love to really have. I dress in luxurious stylish clothing and especially love wearing FF stockings when I've got my heels on. I dream of one day being a full women but I also know thats something that will never happen so I have to make do but hopefully you'll agree that I do a good job. I do only meet at weekends as I work (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (38) Bondage sex Trafford .. Hi I'm <snip> a submissive TV slut that loves pleasing mature men offering them anything they require. I'm a TV whore a completely submissive when around men and if theres anyway you want me to please you just tell me. I love sucking a hard cock and would never waste a drop by not swallow it all down like a good little girl. The only thing i love more than oral is to be fucked but whilst a slut you have to use a rubber. Men will need to be 40+ with no upper age limit, in fact the older the better. I do like a dominant man and will respond to all your commands and no matter how dark and kinky your fantasies I'm happy to hear from you and considering some of the things I've done you won't shock me. I've been a tranny for all of my adult life but its only recently my interests have turned towards the BDSM scene and now want to explore this more seeking contacts that enjoy spanking, S&M, BDSM watersports and humiliation. I'm (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (28) Married TV Trafford..I'm a closet married TV thats after a bit of excitement as I'm fed up playing alone at nights. My wife works shifts so able to meet any night. I do dress fully but I'm not totally smooth as thats a hard one to get past the wife. I do keep myself very well trimmed and whilst I've not had a lot of experience I enjoy O & A. You must have a place to meet as we can't use my home, but if similar then we could hire a room for the night. Drop me a message and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (54) Cam Meets Trafford . I've had to edit my profile as I'm not able to meet up right now, but i'm loving the webcam chatroom here, anyone fancy meeting up online and have a chat and some fun? Im only meeting with other Trans for cam 2 cam and you'll find me online from 10ish onwards. I do (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (51) Asian TV Trafford.. Hi I am a mature Asian Transvestite. I adore dressing in lots of pretty outfits but especially slips, French Knickers, stockings & suspenders, heels and bra's. But I always finish my look with full make up and love to have the total look with pearls and look as good as I can. Im looking for like minded TV/TS/CD that enjoy the same, get in touch online so that we can chat and (contact members)

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