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Have you come here wondering just how to meet with transvestites and really don't know where to start or where's the best place to meet sexy tgirls?

Well the where to meet part is easy as you've just accessed the biggest UK transvestites & transsexual website with thousands of personals going right across the UK ....but you'll be able to access those later... for now we need to make sure you do it correctly

Whats happened over recent years is the internet has opened the doors for many TV/TS/CD & shemale's making it easy for them to meet with admirers along with chatting with other trannies online .....Whilst this has been a huge plus point it does mean that transvestites now have the pick of the crop and you need to make sure your ticking all the right boxes...and that means putting some effort in guys

A common myth is that just because someone has joined a adult personals / contacts website they will shag anyone that asks ........wrong, these tgirls want to be impressed and whilst some may not be looking for nights out on town and prefer more intermit one on one fun at home they will still expect you to put some effort in

How do you meet transvestites? trannies .......chicks with dicks lol.... ..

By reading this page your already half way there and if you now think your ready to jump in and start meeting transvestites then great, fill ya boots and click the join banner ....however if you've got some nagging doubts about the next steps then you'll find these tips enormously valuable ...

The first steps to meeting trannies is your profile and its split over 4 basic parts, the username, description, ad & photos. The next is how you contact UK transvestites and the messages you send ...OK so lets look at the personals advert first

Your profile............ name / heading / ad / photos ....

  • Member name / nick name - Its a good idea to not choose one too long as members may forget if they have not added you into there contacts list
  • Description - when a member is searching for contacts the first thing they will see id your username, then description so its important to put something that will make member want to click on your profile - something like " love fucking trannies " will fail " single guy after some NSA fun meets" will stand a better chance of getting members attention
  • Profile - You have unlimited space to type as much as you want so don't just put a one line up and expect to get members falling over themselves to contact you. You need to tell members a bit about yourself, the types of things you enjoy and what your after. If you have any dislikes TELL members, but above all be honest, if your 5' with a 2" cock don't tell members your some 6" plus guy thats hung like a donkey some stage you will get caught out
  • Photos - Like the profile space you have unlimited space to put up as many photos and videos as you like. Whilst I understand some may not want to show your face you can block this with any photo editing program and these can be downloaded for free online. Also as a member you can set up password protect folders where images can be stored and only you control who see these ...these folders are ideal for images you want to keep private....cock only photos, most transvestites know what cocks look like so consider that

Contacting members........"hi, wanna fuck...!!" wrong

  • Messages - when sending message to a member put a bit of effort in, tell them you've read there profile, maybe even comment on the photos and ask them if they would like to read your advert and start chatting... Make sure you've read there personals advert and that your suitable ....and trust me it the member says only looking for meets with other transvestites, females or couples it really doesn't matter what you have on offer your just wasting theres and your time
  • Responding to transvestites messages - when a member sends you a message if your not interested in the member send message a polite one back saying no thanks me you'll appreciate the same in return when you start contacting transvestites

If you follow those basic tips you'll get members responding to your message and you'll soon be meeting uk transvestites and having some fun ..... For INSTANT access to all members use the "local contacts " drop down link above or to access ALL contacts use the FREE link on the right under the members sample images

Meeting UK Transvestite with UK TV Personals is easy & fun

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