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Its about time we put the local Beeston Transvestites scene on the map - Often Beeston is overlooked being typically regarded as a suburb of the City of Nottingham but to those local Beeston tgirls we want to give you a little taster of whats on the map locally to you

One thing that is certainly the case for Beeston is having easy access to loads of great clubs and bars going across the East Midlands and most will assume all the parties are further North I can assure you looking at some of the forum postings theres a heck of a lot of fun going on in this town

It doesn't matter why your here whether its for one on one fun, parties, groups or even just meeting up for local Beeston Tranny socials inside the members section you'll find all this and a lot more with easy links and access to find everything you could need.

And this page is just a little tease, introduction into example ads and as I'm sure you've already noticed just a few local members photos ;o) .. and to save you wondering YES they are all local members - if you want to view them and profiles just use the free links. For newbies to contacts sites check out the 101 advice to all other non member jump right in and start checking to local talent out

Advice Feature 101:- Don't give you private contact details ....least at first .. It may sound daft, but the free email account we give all our members is to protect you from others. Should someone contact you and start pestering you by contacting us we can look into this and maybe ban / warn the member...Should you give your own email address or worse phone number we have no control then ..

What we do recommend is once you have meet the member or built some trust is then give your personals details out should you want ...... We are here to protect members so use the free email account ...

In the meantime enjoy examples below then JOIN US ......

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View Ads Click Here.. (38) Married Beeston Transvestite ..
Please note I am still a newbie Tv and only started dressing 6 mths ago, but I have an extremely understanding wife and she has helped me a lot with my look and wouldn't have got this far without her help. Im very shy but enjoy typing to please others I'm 5ft 8 which does mean I can get away with high heels and right now I'm a blonde (Wig) Im a size 12 and after months of trying different looks have my make up just right. To get the shape I like I use 38c breasts forms. For me dressing isn't just about sex as I dress for pleasure also at home and I feel more relaxed when in feminine mode. Im not out so don't travel in fem mode so when we meet I will need a little time to get ready for you but I've now got this to a good speed so you won't be waiting around too long. I'm a bottom unless you are a sexy smooth TV then I will probably switch. I'm slowly gaining in experience by meeting others and I'm looking forward to meeting up with others plus I would like to meet dominant males that will offer some hard rough sex, but safe !! (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (46) Beeston Pantyhose sex ..
I'm not a tv or indeed a crossdresser I'm just a guy that enjoys wearing tights for sex with similar guys. I wear tights everyday and love the wearing them for sex meeting with men for O & A. If your interested in meeting message me . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) young Tgirl Beeston ..
I'm a sexy 27 year old Tgirl thats looking to hopefully soon get out with a little help. I've been dressing for sometime and have what I would class as a good look least from the neck down! Using make up is something I've been never been able to do and trust me I've tried watching youtube videos but I'm failing. So I'm here to meet with an understand and experienced tgirl that will offer me some help and maybe leading to one day getting out. I'm totally smooth and have a good slim figure that I do love to show off wearing VERY short skirts and love tight fitted tops. I've posted some photos so you can see. I'm not just after help as I'm bi and enjoy all types of safe fun. I live alone so meeting at mine is fine, but I'm not looking to meet men. When you contact me can you have photos either in your profile or message otherwise I won't respond (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (48) dogging in Beeston ..
Just moved to Notts and living in Beeston. I'm looking for safe meets with guys for dogging sex. Does anyone know of any safe places to meet up? I've driven around sometimes after dark but can't find anywhere. I have a good look love oral and so long as we have a look out anal as well. Drop me a message and lets arrange to meet (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (63) Mature Beeston Tranny..
I'm an experienced TV thats now into my sixties so I presume mature, although I don't feel or act my age and can still party like a thirty year old, it just now takes a few days longer to get over it. I'm single as my wife past away a few years ago and whilst so knew of my dressing it was something that I never did around her and it did mean that I didn't enjoy the freedom I wanted. Since loosing her my life has changed a lot and I'm able to dress fully, even get out and enjoy shopping trips as my look is very passable as you can see from my pics. I'm looking at meeting others either at mine or yours for drinks and some fun. I would consider male admirers but you would need to be around my age group as I'm not really into toy boys. When meeting other trannies I'm versatile in the bedroom but with males I'm a bottom Tranny and have no interest in changing that. So if your interested in meeting up message me, or if your an out TV perhaps we could hit the shops?. Also I know I have the luxury of being single now so if your with a partner and not out your more than welcome to get ready round mine but you must be smooth I really don't like harry trannys (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) Naughty Sissy crossdresser in Beeston..
hi i have my own shoulder length hair, brown eyes and I'm very petite. Im a slim size 10 and Im looking for meet ups with other cd's , tv's ,sissys and couples and will consider special single males for some discreet dressing fun at my home as I'm single. One thing I would be very keen on hearing from is someone that can take decent photos as my camera phone ones are awful, in return I can pay you in lots of kind !!! I dress most nights and love dress tarty in mini skirt, silky tights and always fully made up as I do love styling my hair, then most nights at home alone watching the tv. I do love wearing satin, silk, lace with my sissy outfits and wear knickers and bras most the time , and when i get time i get fully dressed but now want to meet with others for naughty fun. So if you like the sound of me message and lets meet (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) Closet Tranny Beeston ..
I'm a closet tranny after someone to share the fun. I am after NSA meets only and when meeting either males or other TV/TS/CD can be a sub girl TV or bold dom TV. In other words I am versatile. I need to be discreet as none knows so whilst I can accommodate I will need to get to know you a little online first, maybe meeting up in the webcam chatroom. My health is important so only safe sex. Im not passable so only meet indoors . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (32) Smooth Transvestite for fun and group meets Beeston .
Hi I am a slim build, smooth BI TV with dark hair (wig). I love wearing very short sexy skirts, stockings, sexy little panties and trust me it doesn't take much for me to drop them. Im here to meet up with others that share my passion for dressing or will meet admirers assuming you take the top role as I'm a bottom TV with men. I wouldn't say I'm that convincing although I do try my best and I have been wearing sexy panties as long as i can remember but only started fully dressing 5 yrs ago. Since my dressing increased I now have vast collection of sexy revealing clothes and I can't resits a deal when I see one. But if theres one thing for sure my look is classed as a slutty tart because i just love showing off my figure in my sexy clothes. So you do you want to join me for for some horny fun either at mine or yours. Something I would love to try a is group as I watched a bukkake video and it looked amazing, I know know how I would go on arranging this so any help would be appreciated. So come on lets have some naughty fun together. (contact members)

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