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Question ...Are you struggling to meet with Banbury Transvestites? why........because clearly you've been accessing the wrong personals sites or maybe you've just been hoping to meet Banbury crossdressers or trannies on Facebook.. well thats the next place where you've gone wrong....

Whilst its true you can find some personals via websites like Facebook or even Twitter the problem with all of these is the vast amount of tgirls are not out and the idea of plastering there photos all over Facebook would probably leave most running in the other direction .... True some Banbury transsexuals are out, but not many

This is where personals sites coming into there own as they offer both admirers and local Banbury trannies a safe place to meet up knowing that all the REAL fun is behind the security of a members only section....What to have a sneak preview at Banbury TVs , TS & Cds ??

Below is a featured advert with the members photo - but I've edited it so much the member could never be identified - further samples have images held back - but once a member you'll have full access ... To give you some idea random images have been posted on the right

Feature:- View Ads Click Here.. ( Banbury Transvestite - Profile with 7 uploaded photos ) ... Hello I'm Sarah a convincing tranny that just loves being a girl and then meeting up with admirers either males, groups...

I'm discreet, but cant accommodate and here to meet admirers of all ages.. I'm quite tall, slim and most will say I'm sexy especially when standing not wearing much other than my silk undies & holdups .

As you can see I do love dressing VERY girlie and then meeting up indoors or outdoors. I have lots of looks and could be a business woman or if you fancy some role play your transvestite secretary, I'm sure you know the look, short skirt, heels, makeup and once "sir" has finished at work we could have some fun in the car after work ;o)

If your into outdoor sex then drop me a line as I know some private public locations but NOT Banbury dogging sites as I prefer sex in cars, laybys or those little car parking areas that are nice and private.

I will only meet with top contacts as I'm a bottom submissive tranny that likes being used as a girl.. I have put groups in my advert but would love to have a couple of guys using me with some abused & getting humiliated, maybe in public. So thats me, tell me something about you and then . (contact members)

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View Ads Click Here.. (45) Fisting Sex Banbury ..
I'm a submissive transvestite thats here to meet dominant males / daddy.. I'm a slutty TV that will please dominant males offering Anal sex, meeting at dogging sites for public sex, TV fisting but will only offer safe sex. I'm very sensual, sexual and now need to meet men that will use, fuck, fist and control me. Just drop me a pm and .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (51) Banbury Tgirl ( 20 photos uploaded) :-
I'm mid-50s TGirl that takes on the female role fully and dresses in skirts ( often way too short) heels, Stockings, sus, wigs sometimes blonde or brown depending on just how tarty I want to be if you see me wearing blonde you know I'm open to anything. I do use full make-up with red lippy. I'm happy to hear from other tgirls for fun and mine or yours as I can accommodate or meet experienced guys,sorry no first timers I'm not about to show you were the hole is ;o) ..sorry. Im smooth all over and thats defiantly a deal breaker when meeting up with other tgirls as I don't like hairy trannies, it just does nothing for me. I'm only after some NSA fun but I'll still want to get to know you a little first sharing a bottle of wine before we move into the bedroom. I do enjoy being in the company of other tgirls but you'll have to fully dress as guys in tights / panties / lingerie really don't do anything for me and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) Transsexual Banbury:-
I'm a full time TS (pre Op) thats single and looking for a straight man for a LTR. I've been single for a few years now and decided it was about time to jump onto this crazy scene again and start putting myself out LOL. I live alone and out for a Banbury Insurance company BORRING.. So at the weekend I want to start to live and party again. I'm a pre op TS so yes all working down below and I do love oral sex either way but when it comes to A I'm a bottom TS so you'll need to be a top guy otherwise its just not going to work out. I do love getting out although its been a long time since I've been dancing and not sure my feet .. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (30) Rubber tv Banbury :-
Do you like using rubber tranny sluts? ten read on. I'm a rubber TV thats just after some local fun and can either on casual basis or would consider a serious long term arrangement with ownership. I'm here to meet a TV/TS dominatrix that will take me under there control offering training, punishment and humiliation. I willing to travel anywhere for the right TV Domme and if your not local could offer myself for webcam training if we are not able to meet. I will an ideal rubber playtoy / maid / sissy / and just want to be owned and used for sex. Whilst I've been a rubber slave for some years I've never been owned but do have some experience with dommes so know whats required to meet the demands that any TS domme will force onto me. I'm bi curious and have had some anal training with plugs, forced enema use and . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) mature transvestite Banbury :-
Im a married TV thats out with my wife and she supports my dressing, if fact without her support I probably wouldn't have got to where I am now, yes I'm VERY lucky. I'm now looking to meet up with other TV/TS members for some fun either at mine or yours but this is only for me as I've had some messages asking if I'm looking for a threesome, sorry thats not on the cards. If you would like to meet at mine my wife goes out with her girlfriends on Friday night so we could meet here, or any night at yours. I've had some bi experiences but my O & A grades do need work but I'm happy to take either roll, maybe we could meet up and have some swapping around ? I don't dress outdoors but my wife tells me that down to lack of confidence as she tells me I'm me than passable, you tell me I've posted some photos show a new look. Maybe and its a big maybe if your out we could have a night out but . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (30) Sex in Tights Banbury :-
I don't fully dress but I do have a huge passion for sex in tights but only with other tights fans. I'm single so assuming you can be discreet can meet up at mine. I love oral sex especially teasing a guys cock whilst inside tights, followed by rimming & anal. I'm a top male but do love mutual masturbation & oral sex. If your interested (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (48) Outdoor sex Banbury :-
I'm Sara a TV that loves outdoor meets locally around Banbury. I have a few fantasies I would love to explore. I would like to have a pre arrange rape sex where you can force yourself onto me, making me suck you and then after a good spanking fuck me. I would also like to meet a couple of guys for humiliation meets outdoors and (contact members)

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