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Looking to meet with trans women ? are you confused between pre op transsexuals and post op ts? either way one thing you can be assured of is if your here to meet with pre op transsexual contacts not only can we help but as you'll see below these VERY sexy trans women are looking for YOU

The pre op transsexuals and transvestite scene is often associated together but in reality a TS is about as far away from a TV as a bisexual guy is to a gay man...In one way you could say yes they are the same but in many other ways pre op TS are nothing like a TV ...

You would think looking at a TS that they have the out would looks and style of any stylish TV but its whats going on inside that makes a transsexual so much more different both in the way they live there lives and the types of contacts they are looking for fact many pre op transsexuals class themselves as being straight and looking for straight male to anyone not understanding the TS scene thats enough straight away to through you into complete confusion

Is a Pre Op Transsexual straight ?

The short answer yes....and the reason is basically down to the fact that as a TS they class themselves as a trans women / women so why shouldn't they be classed as straight and so seek out straight relationships with males ...However thats not to say that all pre op TS class themselves as straight as I know quite a few that enjoy and sometimes prefer some gurls only fun.....but heck don't "real" women as well our modern open society its really getting to a stage where sexual titles should be dropped .....long live pansexuality ;o)

Meeting with pre op transsexual females in the past has for some bizarre reason always left to the fetish type personals sites, quite why is clearly down to complete lack of understanding what a Pre Op Women is and one this for certain they are NOT men that are into some fetish scene ....a pre op TS is a chosen lifestyle often after many years of confusion over there sexuality

Now you can meet with UK pre Op transsexuals its the ONLY UK site for admirers and trans women ........

This site was born out of frustration, that was MY frustration over not being able to meet with trans women so 15 years ago it was started with a single goal to help people meet up in a safe online community

Within this community you'll have access to pre op personals, search features to help you meet with local contacts, interactive features so you can chat online and even for those brave folks webcam chatroom but above all that you'll know your in a safe members only website thats dedicated to helping pre op transsexual meets with men, females, couples and other TS

To give you an idea posted below are some recently viewed personals adverts from pre op ts contacts that are looking for meets NOW....At the top of the page you can access ALL counties and contacts and these pages include TV/TS/CD members but once a member you can filter these enjoy and join us soon

To protect members images / personals have been edited - members have full access

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View Ads Click here ( Straight Pre Op TS) .. Hello I'm here to meet with men that enjoy the company of pre op ts and looking for a bit of fun,chats and maybe we can meet in the webcam room for a little bit of one on one in private. Im 5' 8" slim figure and considering I'm into my sixties told I'm young looking.. Im a pre op transsexual thats now 14 mths into the transitioning process and have my own very long dark hair ( all the wigs which I hated wearing have gone) and have a good shapely figure thanks to hormones I've been taking for sometime now. I have large "real" breasts, etc and hopefully thats enough to make you want to contact me and we can start chatting about all the fun things (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (Bi Curious Pre Op TS ).. I'm a trans thats here for friendship and fun times with other trans women as I'm bi curious. I always known that I should have been a female all of my life and i'm now in the process of taking trans hormones of which I can't wait to start seeing the changes in my body as I want to feel alive and know when I am Fiona I feel more comfortable and would love to share these feeling and times with other pre op trans women like me so that we can help each other and embrace the fun and exciting times ahead. Shopping trips out fun nights in and as I live alone we can meet up at my home .. (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here ( Pre Op Trans ) ..I'm a mid forties TG thats not been into the contacts and personals scene for some years and I've been living the straight life, but its about time that I started to life again and have now decided to devote more time to having fun and the real me. I'm after friends of all sexes for some advice, fun and .. (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (Bi Curious Pre Op ).. I'm now a Hot sexy woman and started out as a man, but no longer as I think you can see from my photos. I'm a post -op TS ( yep its all gone) and I'm an extremely happy trans women thats looking for friends. As you can see i'm rather proud of my chest and whilst I don't have the perfect figure its something i'm working on and would love to meet with other attractive full time TS/TV or a or natural (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (Bi Pre Op).. hi just a little about me as I never know what to really post in these profiles.Im a 49 year old TS looking here to hopefully find that special person to share some times with either going out shopping, eating out or just doing anything else thats basically FUN. I love the theater and I've just finished college doing beauty, nail art nail tec, swedish body so we could have an (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (Pre Op TS )..I'm here to find some friendships with other Pre op TS or looking for Mr Right, is he here? I'm 5'7 TS ( when in my killer heels 5'11) and have lovely slim legs, a cute ass and wanting to meet with a man that will treat me as a female not a guy in drag. I have a great sense of humour and love the idea of meeting someone special that will hold me and treat like me as a female. I'm very feminine and I've posted some photos so (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here (Bi sexual Pre Op Transsexual )..I'm slim ( best see my photos ) sociable and very hygienic transsexual women thats after a close friend to build fun times and enjoying each other. I'm 5'6" tall, 8st and you won't find any hair on me other than my head. If you have a GSOH and thats understanding and considered then why (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here ( Young Pre Op TS) .wanna know something about me ? I'm a twenty something sexy pre op thats looking to meet with a man I'm mixed race transgender women ( Asian / English) and want to meet with men that enjoy the company of TS. so drop me a message babes, I won't bite (much!!) (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here ( Lifestyle Pre-op Transsexual.) .Hi I'm Frances, I'm a full-time / lifestyle and fully functional pe-op TS. I've been blessed with what most would class as a charmed serendipitous life, but you have to keep working at these things to hold onto it. I'm currently studying and will be a sex therapist, and yep, I've got the experiences. I'm the ultimate eternal optimist thats naively trustingly and so do periodically get screwed over, but hey LIFE and I'm not here for tea, sympathy nor wanting some big heavy going relationship, but rather some fun hangin out with others and who knows where it will end. Guys willy size really doesn't impress me, nor the great clubs you'll . (Contact this Member - Click here)
View Ads Click here ( Pre op TS) . I'm 45 years and I've been a full time Pre op TS for the last 3 years and I'm looking to meet up with friends for some social fun times. My name is Charlene and the last three years have been hard going but I feel I'm turning a corner now and want to start socialising with others and having some fun times (Contact this Member - Click here)

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