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Having never spent ANY time within the Aberdeenshire transvestite scene this is all totally new to this admirer ...Often in situations like this I find the best way is just to view some of the local Aberdeenshire Tgirls ...and after doing that I know just where I'm heading when I head North again ;o)

Surprising the Aberdeenshire Tgirl scene is the 6th largest in Scotland which looking at the member numbers I find extremely surprising and once you look for yourself I'm sure you'll equally agree...

Free Access to ALL Aberdeenshire Transvestites membership required, well least to lookie ;o)

To give you some idea below are a few members profiles and feature advert from local member....Love the comment " false boobs" as it seems thats about the only false thing with this Aberdeenshire tranny (P.S make sure you view this personals advert as the member has uploaded over 50 photos ;o)) as the rest is as real and sexy as it gets...also make sure you check the free links for more

Feature > Jennycd1968 (Aberdeenshire TV Can Accommodate) I'm a slim, attractive and sexy young Aberdeen tgirl thats got long smooth legs ( well virtually smooth) and nice pert bottom.....

I do keep myself fit and in good condition and I've posted a collection of photos showing me in various outfits, most being tight and figure hugging. I WLTM with tv / ts / cd that are similar in looks & dressing attributes. I can dress in various looks being either tarty or elegant but you'll never see me without stockings, heels, full make up, false boobs and jewellery as I do dress fully in every way possible ..I'm happy to meet with married TV its not important and we can meet at mine or I'll travel, so enjoy my photos and do. ( contact members)

Like what you've read so far? trust me thats just the start get ready for an introduction into the local Aberdeenshire transsexual, Transvestites & crossdressing members

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View Ads Click Here.. (48) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire.. I'm a married Aberdeen crossdresser thats a closet CD due to being married and loves taking photos ( I've posted 15 to view plus another 30 in private folders so contact me) I've been a secret xdresser for many years and started when I was young. I'm not just here to take photos as I love offering oral sex & getting well fucked in my pussyass, although as meeting with others is all very new to me you'll have to be a little patient, but trust me I know what I want ;o) I will want to build close friendships as you will be my first taking things slowly as we get to know each other, but I know deep down I'm a slut, its just I'm taking things slow ..Whilst I'm here to meet with other TV/TS/CDs I will consider a male admirer but you'll have to tick allot of boxes, yes I'm a fussy bitch . All meets MUST be discreet, marriage sucks and. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (48) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire.. I'm a Petite bisexual TV with blue eyes and after some discreet meets with other local crossdressers, transvestites or transsexuals. I'm a slim small build thats only 5'5" tall and enjoy dressing and meeting with others. Drop me a line and lets chat but can't accom but happy to travel to . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (33) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire.. Convincing TV thats a strictly bottom in Aberdeen and happy to meet up at mine. I'm after some adult meets with hopefully lots of fun. I'm smooth, fair complexion and VERY feminine in the bedroom so do expect you to take the lead role. I'm submissive / passive and so long as you treat me like a female we'll have lots of fun, sticking to the traditional basics of sex ie you taking on the male role, me female. I do have a thing for masculine males more so if married or in a relationship. Looks aren't an issue but I will want to see you so will want to exchange pics along with building friendship / trust via messages. I am only here to meet with active males as whilst I do have a cock I don't want to use it so bottom or versatile guys its really not going to work out so better speaking to other members. I live in central Aberdeen and I'm more than up for meeting at mine(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire.. I'm just here for some horny sexy fun. I'm a average bi xdresser that has a good collection of nice lingerie and stockings and whilst I have a partner never wear her panties. I'm not out with her and she knows nothing of my fetish / passion for xdressing so meets will have to be discreet. I do enjoy meets outdoors and maybe we can meet at a private dogging site or indoors should you have a place to meet. I'm open for trying anything so long as its fun. Drop me a message and lets chat and looking forward to hearing from anyone thats up to getting together for fun. Any local dressers pls (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (21) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire:- I'm a bi curious Crossdresser that whilst I'm still only in my early twenties I've been dressing for a long time and have a very convincing look and love to get out and meet up with others either meeting with a female admirer that enjoys being around Cds or a similar male. I do love going out so dress fully wearing make up, wig and dressing in a modern trendy style I'm not here for anything long term I just want to meet up and enjoy a few drinks, laugh and maybe some more. If your up for a local meet then drop me a line, although I will travel to you as I'm not . ( contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (30) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire :- I'm new to the site and the TV scene. i'm a sexy & feminine bi TV thats after meets with males, females, couples and other sexy trannies. I'm able to accommodate and need some help and instruction on how to please as a female along with trying full crossdressing. I'm tall, dark with a firm bottom and will dress sexy and can swap some more . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire :-I'm a very Sub Aberdeen tranny that loves wearing nylons, pantyhose along with rubber. I live near Aberdeen and I'm able to accommodate and will offer great O & A skills and I love the BDSM scene pleasing dominant members. I will do whatever is required to please you so just tell me . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (38) CD/TV/TS : Aberdeenshire:- I'm an out Aberdeen tgirl thats very convincing and looking to meet with others for fun days out in the Aberdeen area. I'm 5' 11", size 14 and here to meet male admirers or similar tgirls. If your interested in chatting or better still meeting up then drop me a private message and lets see .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (61) CD/TV/TS Aberdeenshire :- Mature tgirl in NE Scotland (Aberdeenshire) thats been dressing for as long as I can remember. I dress fully being as feminine as possibly although I've never been out that often. Looking to meet with similar tgirls that enjoy dressing fully and being totally femme. Happy to meet couples that enjoy . (contact members)

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