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Its the capitol city and with a population nearing a million the Edinburgh transvestite scene along with the LGBT offers direct access to just about every and any type of adult personals you could ever want to meet up with

Due to the amount of members within the large more urban zone of Edinburgh to give you a better idea of local personals I've placed additional direct links further districts within Edinburgh .....these are all included within the samples below as it forms part of Edinburgh tgirl member base.......

Please note .......All the sample personals within the non member section have been edited to protect the members......once inside the members section not only will you have full access to ALL Edinburgh trannies but there contacts details using the FREE email we give to all out members ..enjoy and join us soon ....its free ( more info on free membership on right )

Edited Profile :- View Ads Click Here.. ...Hi I'm a Edinburgh Sissy Crossdresser thats been a member here for a little while although now looking for something different as I want to be trained to please a dominant man ( master) or Mistress that will transform me into there very obedient pet and serve all your needs as best I possibly can.

Im a very genuine CD that loves nothing more than being transformed and turned into an obedient, slutty and feminine crossdresser and love to be as convincing as possible ...I changed my personals advert as I would love to be an owned and then trained by Mistress / Master to serve them completely in every way fulfilling domestic duties or pleasing guest at parties or there home, assuming Master/ mistress thinks I'm able to serve them sexually.

My training will include taking anal sex (safe only) and oral and looking to meet with genuine local members and being considered ( contact members)

they don't get any hotter than the local Edinburgh tgirl scene ......enjoy the samples and then join us

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View Ads Click Here.. (46) CD/TV/TS: Edinburgh.. I'm a lifelong cross- dresser thats bisexual when dressed, looking for local NSA meets. I enjoy role-play, bdsm and I'm a submissive sissy CD for cruel dominatrix. I will meet all members and I'm easy going with a wacky sense of humour and a very fertile imagination that can get up to all types of (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (33) CD/TV/TS: Edinburgh.. I'm a bi crossdressing slut thats able to accommodate and looking to meet m,f,c and groups. I'm fun, smooth and after all types of kinky meets inc anal, BDSM, Toys plus lots of fetishes and all sorts of kinky meet with other kinky folks .I can be switch but mostly submissive and up for vanilla. Basically if theres something you want to try drop me a line telling me as I'm up for more or less anything. I will want to talk in the chatroom first then when comfortable we (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (55) CD/TV/TS: Edinburgh.. Fancy a threesome with a horny TV couple ? ( TV / female) we are looking to meet bi contacts either m/f/c or another TV that wants to try threesome fun. We only play as a couple and looking for similar aged contacts to share some times with. Happy to meet at ours and if you have a cam maybe we can (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) CD/TV/TS: Edinburgh:- Anyone have a fetish for pantyhose / tights? I love to wear them over my silky smooth legs with keen high boots and then meet with males, females or other TVs. I do dress fully and love nothing more than meeting up for some stroking, sucking and fucking fun. I do go out but thats saved for nighttime only but as I can accommodate enjoy meeting up at mine for some fun. I'm very keen to meet other Edinburgh TVs for chats, cuddling up and more especially so if your into wearing tights. Find any of the above interesting? then why not .drop me a line and hopefully we can meet up (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) Edinburgh Shemale.. looking for Scottish shemale? Im an exceptionally convincing she male thats 170cm 56kg 29yo. I have a passion for killer heels and being bi happy to meet with females or couples ( no males ) either at mine or yours. I'm versatile in the bedroom and also looking for other local shemales so drop me (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh: :- I'm a gorgeous edinburgh transvestite thats not here to meet other tv/ts/cd members but want to meet with a man for relationship, so no quickies, no trannies just a guy for LTR, anyone interested? - As you can see I'm very convincing and totally smooth and love nothing more than getting outside and enjoying the sunshine against my skin. I love meeting with all men, black, Asian, white just as long as you look towards me being the female and you taking the masculine role both in and outside of the bedroom. I love it when a guy takes me repeatedly and would even consider sex without a rubber should this be something you desire. I would love a threesome getting used at either end giving oral and anal pleasure to both, then hopefully changing around. When meeting with guys I do prefer to keep fully dressed as I don't like my cock getting involved and if your looking to offer me oral then its not going to work . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh.. Trisexual transvestite with a fantastic wardrobe and I'll try just about anything and love to party and hit the TV clubs. I class myself as gender Illusionist with an excellent VGSO and can meet up at mine assuming your a crossdressers as I don't meet males but only other CD/TS/TV I've got lots of toys and if you want could be dominant as I've . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh:- I'm a young tgirl in Edinburgh thats returned back to the site to meet up with others for some fun, preferably looking for adventurous fun tv/ts/cd members but happy to hear from male or females for both fun & building friendships. When dressed I love nothing more than having a nice fat big cock to suck on and play with and whilst I'm happy to meet females just make sure you bring your strap on with you. If your (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh :- Edinburgh Crossdresser with huge passion for wearing pantyhose & tights. Im a 50 yr old and love all things feminine but particularly wearing tights / pantyhose. I'm tall, slim with a good figure and will meet with males & other similar xdressers for oral & wanking fun meets. I can't (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (35) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh :- It is a rather complicated story and quite an involved personals advert so please read it fully and I'll do my best to put across what I'm looking for. I'm a lifestyle submissive transvestite thats been interested in BDSM since I was 17. Since my early experimenting with bondage I felt something was missing as though being a male my mannerisms which could never be classified as masculine where clearly more feminine wearing pretty outfits, sensitivity, way of sitting and felt physically incomplete. To cut a VERY long story short I attended a gender clinic and it turned out I'm TG and classified as a shemale and now have breasts . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh :- I'm a mature male / crossdresser thats been dressing for as long as i can remember . My dressing has always been a solo activity as I'm quite shy and not that passable as a female. For sometime I've craved for complete gender role reversal so whilst I'm not the most convincing I do have an inner female that wants to come out. I'm here to meet with mature contacts as I deferred to and respected older people. I'm wanting to explore the sexual side to myself and wish to explore the bdsm scene and my growing submissiveness although this doesn't mean pain I just want to take on the feminine role within the bedroom wearing feminine outfits as they do emphasise .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (40) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh :-I'm a convincing tgirl edinburgh thats out and loves nothing more than getting out and socialising meeting up with others which in my case normally means dancing the night away. If you fancy seeing just how hot I am check my pics out and then drop me a line and lets meet. I do love the Edinburgh TV clubs scene so if you fancy meeting up then just drop me (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) CD/TV/TS Edinburgh :- Hi, Im Vikki a transsexual from Edinburgh thats extremely convincing TS. See my photos you'll soon see what I mean. I'm fully bisexual in that I'm happy meeting up with any sex so Males, females, couples, & other convincing CD / TV / TS. I'm single so meeting up at mine isn't a problem  (contact members)

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