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As I know nothing of the Paisley transvestite region I headed off to my favourite website just to see whats going on around Paisley... Other than confirming its the largest town within Renfrewshire and is only 9 miles from Glasgow theres nothing about the great Paisley transsexual scene .......whats wrong with these people don't they check out members out ;o)

With so many burghs and villages being within more rural locations around Scotland you certainly can't say the same for this town and local looking at the Paisley tranny numbers that soon becomes immediately apperent....go on try for yourself, click the access link below and just make sure you a V-large coffee with you and a cold shower ready ;o)

To give you a better insight into the Paisley tgirl scene I've posted a few random adverts below that I've tried to cover different types of members so hopefully it will give you a better insight ......but right now how about a featured advert ...enjoy

Feature ( View Ads Click Here.. - Paisley Bi CD ) I'm a Bi crossdressing guy thats here to meet up with open minded members for some fun, I wouldn't class myself as being a transvestites I'm just a guy that enjoys slipping into women clothing and meeting others for fun, am I convincing? not that, but still do try my very best and keep myself smooth from the waist down as I hate crossdressers with hairy legs NOT a good look

When I dress I do enjoy taking on the role of the female so being the "bottom" within a male to male relationship or if I was every lucky enough to be part of a threesome then the same...... Sexually I like most of the usual stuff like a bit of kissing, touching ( should be nice and firm by then, if not get a doctor for me ;o)) and some caressing... I enjoy oral sex either way but above all being penetrated and whilst I say I'm always a bottom CD who knows in right circumstances..(never say never).

I can travel to meet or sometimes accommodate When meeting with members honesty play a large part along with someone thats got a GSOH and cleanliness (is a MUST) and ideally a person looking for regular meets rather than one offs, also someone thats able to hold a good discussion after all once the fun finishes its nice to chat about life... ( contact members)

Note - This personals website is for ADULTS only please leave if under 18 ..

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View Ads Click Here.. (44) CD/TV/TS, Paisley.. ( members thats posted over 50 profile photos) hello all I hope your all good and well and here to make some friends, if so read on as thats why I'm here to make and meet new friends. I'm a bi TV that loves wearing lingerie, bodycon dresses and always finished with my heels. I'm here to meet up with open-minded members either other TVs, single males females and couples as I really would love to experience a threesome. Hopefully we can build good friendship and lots of fun times. When meeting with members I'm not able to accommodate but can travel to meet you so why (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (48) CD/TV/TS Paisley..I'm a Bi curious Paisley crossdresser thats looking for a bit of NSA fun meeting with females and other xdressers. Here to build new local friends for chats and fun (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) CD/TV/TS, Paisley.. (over 100 images uploaded) I'm a twenty something gay transvestite in Paisley that classes myself as being more a amateur dresser CD. I'm after some hot discreet meets with similar TV/CD members either gay or bi. I'm not looking to meet guys so soz, its another sexy young TVs only as I love looking at very nice ass in sexy outfits and having (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) CD/TV/TS , Paisley :- I'm a sexy Paisley ts thats convincing transvestite and have been working and living as a full time shemale. I'm 44 years old and 5'10 inches tall and slim. I've been dressing since I was at school and love everything about being a shemale wearing corsets, stockings, hi-heels and lots of other sexy outfits and even a few kinky / slutty ones. I do have piercing's, ears, nipples (rings) and navel. i enjoy O & A and love meeting with tv/ts/cd and seeing them in sexy outfits. I'm planning on getting breast implants shortly and will update my photos showing off my new breasts. Also planning on (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (41) CD/TV/TS , Paisley.. hi im lucy and live close to Paisley. I'm 41 and quite petite at 5',6" and ave build I'm single as I'm divorced so live alone in Paisley and I'm a bisexual tgirl and do my best to be as convincing as possible using make up and hair and I think I'm slowly getting there. My dress style is sexy to slutty and have a good selection of boots that I love, and always sussies. I'm here to meet similar tgirls for some casual fun for one on one meets and also going out to a bar, maybe movies or just going out for a nice meal. I also would love a shopping friend. Ideally after similar aged members and with a similar outlook that enjoys getting out so you . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (65) CD/TV/TS Paisley:- I'm a quiet and shy CD / TV that enjoys the company & friendship of others either males, females and similar TVs. I'm reasonably experienced transvestite girl but I'm a private person thats not really into the Paisley scene and prefer to keep my life private. If you have any questions please drop me a line as ask away after all thats why we've all joined the site and I'll give you an honest reply. I'm not really after one off or quickies but a primarily for a long term partner that we can share some fun times and can appreciate me for being a chilled out relaxed girl. If your interested drop me a(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (56) CD/TV/TS Paisley .. I'm straight transvestite male thats looking to meet with females that enjoy the company of trannies. I'm from Renfrewshire / Paisley and being single have no problems with accommodating or traveling to meet at yours. I'm 56 and would love to have some fun with an understanding female maybe if your the same size ( I'm a dress size 12/14) we could have some dressing up and down nights in , (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (51) CD/TV/TS , Paisley..I'm bi so more than up for meets with all members. I'm single so accommodating, traveling no problems and no sneaking around to make sure I don't get caught out by a partner. I'm leggy and being into my fifties looking to meet with similar aged members. drop me a line and lets talk but better still meet up and have some NSA fun.. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) CD/TV/TS Paisley..Hello I'm a new gurl on the block and just starting to feel my way around so VERY new and also bi curious. Why am I here? I want to be taught to be a better gurl as right now I'm dressing 50/50 but its normally casual wear and I would love to hesar from others for some help and to move my dressing further forward. Happy to meet with all members that will help me and living alone I'm happy to meet up at mine so (contact members)

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