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Welcome to the Telford transvestite scene, although I have to confess I don't have a clue where Wrekin comes into it ;o) but as a sample / preview page I've included horny Telford Crossdressers & TV from this town inc Wrekin ;o)

You may have picked up about that I said "preview" and thats just what this page is a little look into the local members and giving you some idea of whats on offer should you join us .....I've posted further details on features on the right as this page is held for one thing along HORNY Telford tgirls ....talking of which enjoy the samples below

Feature..View Ads Click Here.. (Telford TV) ..I'm a 46 year old bi-sexual TV in Telford thats able to accommodate and here to meet up with other tv/ts/cd members

I'm here basically because the girl thats inside me needs some erotic fun so I thought I'd try here, anyone for erotic fun?

I'm Sabrina, 46 y/o that adores everything and anything feminine but especially stockings, tights, killer heels, tight skirts/dresses make up and I have lots of wigs of various styles to choose from depending on mood, or what I'm looking at doing

I'm not single and my wife knows all about Sabrina and shes often seen me dressed. What she doesn't know is about my secrete life life and the urges I have to meet other trannies for sex .. When I dressed I have lots of fantasies and its about time that I started doing something about it .

I have meet up with other local trannies and even ventured outdoors going shopping at Tesco, Asda ect but normally only after dark for some late night shopping, but its such a frill walking around.. Im am working away right now and staying in Trowbridge area so maybe we could meet at my hotel? This is only for other convincing tgirls and we can (contact members)

Lots more and even more inside waiting to meet admirers and Telford trannies .....

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View Ads Click Here.. (35) Dogging in Telford? /
Anyone up for some outdoor meets around Telford? I love dogging sex and I've given up with all the local locations as they are either patrolled by the police too much or full of idtios trying to spoil everyone's fun!. I know some nice private lay-by and parks were we can meet and have fun but because they are private the only way to arrange meets is pre arranging something, but least this way we both know whats on the cards ;o) ME !! I'm 35 slim and dress fully and love my FF stockings. I have long smooth legs and a figure any women would die for. I enjoy all types of sex so long as its safe so if you want anal bring a rubber along. When you contact me I'm happy to give you my mobile number and we can text details and YES I do have photos ready its just I want to see you first . So (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) Telford Tranny
I'm here for some sex fun meeting up with male admirers of other similar trannys. I'm been a transvestite for as long as I can remember and enjoy my dressing times and now want to mix that with meeting others, hopefully for sexy fun. I wear most sexy things but it will have to be yours as I'm not able to accommodate but will bring my sexy . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (35) New CD Telford
I'm a New crossdresser thats looking for male admirers, couples and other local Crossdressers. I'm able to accommodate so meeting at mine is cool. Whilst I'm still new to the CD scene I'm loving every minute of it especially the dressing part and getting into sexy outfits. I'm wanting to further explore the feminine side of being a crossdresser and WLTM members that would treat me as a women not just a CD. I'm totally bisexual and would just love to meet up with others and enjoy the experience of sex dressed and acting like a female. Also keep to hear from other cds so that I can learn, or maybe meet with another similar inexperienced dress so that we can learn (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) Telford Transsexual ..
I'm happy to hear from all members as I'm a bisexual transsexual and I'm everything but a female other than whats between my legs. I act like a women, but as of yet I'm not totally female unfortunately !! When meeting males you must understand that you are meeting me as a women so please no messages asking if I fuck guys, I only take the female role. When meeting couples / females and other trannies I'm more versatile but when we .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) BDSM Telford CD..
Looking to meet with males, females or couples. I'm a submissive xdresser that enjoys pleasing others and I'm here to be your plaything. Im submissive and will take on the feminine role and enjoy being around dominant members as I do enjoy being made to feel vulnerable. I will take all humiliation and would be keen to hear from a cuckold / hotwife couple but happy to meet anyone that will tie me up, humiliate me, spank me and show me just whats required within servitude. I'm not looking . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (23) Young Transvestite Telford.. I'm a Submissive tv / sissy thats here to experiment & try some new things meeting up with members plus hopefully have fun. I'm a young tv/cd thats been involved in the scene for a few years and love dressing up as it makes me very horny & kinky. I experimented with self bondage which was fun and using sex toys. My ultimate fantasy would be to be given a full body hair removal, make over, breast forms and fully transformed whilst in chastity, I know its just a fantasy but maybe trying some thing out would be fun. I would love be to dressing in pretty outfits with stockings and then taken outdoors to be dominated and then used (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) Stocking TV Telford..
I'm looking for Anal sex, gangbangs, group meets and roleplay sex meeting up with all members either at my home as I can accommodate or yours. I love to dress and always hot and slutty wearing stockings and I'm looking to meet males with big cocks that will satisfy me. Also more than up for a group meet / gangbang as its something I would love to party with a group. If you see me (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (34) new TS Telford ..
Hello just move to sunny old Telford ( just on the outskirts) and looking for some friends. I'm not after sex although if 1 & 1 add up then I'm not saying its out of the window, its just not my prime reason for being here. I live alone and I'm a fully time TS and have been for a couple of years and basically moved her to start a new life where none knows about me or my history. I work for a local insurance company that are open minded not to question what I wear when I get to work! I do enjoy going out and so keen to build friendships with other TS or convincing transvestites( please no HPW). I have a passion for the movies (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (36) Out TV Telford ..
Anyone for Car park sex, Crossdressing, Dogging, Sex Toys, Threesome sex ? Looking to meet guys, couples and other trannies for all of the above and more. Im slim, tall and enjoy my dressing times when meeting others. This is the first time using a site like this and really don't know what to say. I hope you like the photos and if you . (contact members)

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