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Transvestite Wanting to meet Straight Men - Sex Ads


Straight males Its odd, not that straight males having sex with transvestites is odd, but had you asked me a few years ago but straight guys wanting to fuck a tgirl I would have looked at you completely confused ....after all whilst transvestites often take up the role of female one things for certain these babes are chicks with dicks..

Many years ago, pre internet / contacts sites that I started getting involved with the UK transvestite scene that I discovered some males class themselves as straight but look for sex with tgirls.......how come?

It was only after starting this personals website it gave me far more access into the transgender scene and along with loads of tv/ts/cd babes to talk to also other males both straight men & bisexual guys....and it really is a case the guys that are straight do like sex with trannies

transvestiteIts clear to this admirer that females ( as in real females) have lost there femininity, on the other hand transvestites haven't ........

When reading straight guys profiles I was confused as to why a guy that says he's "straight" wants sex with a tranny, and it would appear its down to many females as in REAL females loosing there sexuality, where as transvestites and transsexuals are probably more feminine than most females, in fact that was defiantly the case with my last tgirlfriend...

Passive ....Active, in all cases, least the ones I looked at were only interested in meeting passive transvestites and this is where I think the "straight" side comes into play for most personals, its not a fact that they are wanting sex with transvestite as a straight man, its these guys are looking for transvestites that take on the female role within the bedroom...also knowing full well the TV will be dressed to frill ;o)

Meeting straight males with UK transvestites personals join us for local fun and LOADS of contacts

One things for certain whether your a straight man wanting sex with a tranny or a TV looking for a boyfriend we can help and to give you some idea below are recent samples profiles from profiles that match that requirement.

Also is FREE access into all contacts although this will show bi, gay & straight contacts but it will show you the thousands of personals we have ( members can filter the results for there ideal contact)

FREE access all Uk Transvestites - Click here

Please note - all images / profiles edited to protect members....once a member you'll have full access along with contacts details... The samples are from TVs & straight males looking for trannies

View Ads Click here (35) CD/TV/TS ..Hi I'm sissyEmma, a 35yr old Crossdresser thats here to meet with a dominant male or mistress. I've been a member here for a number of years although now changed the types of contacts I'm looking for as I really want BDSM sex now and ideally a master thats willing to transform me and I will be his obedient pet to serve & please your wishes. Im totally genuine and love being transformed into an obedient slutty tgirl and will be as feminine as i possible. If you would like me to be your tgirl maid I'm happy serve her/him or even serving guests should you wish to use me at parties. I love oral .((Contact this Member - Click here) )

View Ads Click here (41) Straight Male UK.. I'm a straight guy thats joined the site to meet up with local transvestites or crossdressers for some fun. Im an admirer and new to this so really just want to see just how things pan out and keen to meet up with others so drop me a line . ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

View Ads Click here (64)CD/TV/TS : I love dressing up as Selina it feels amazing, I love dressing up as Selina it feels amazing, I love being with a guy and the feeling I get from turning him on and putting my hand in his trousers to pull out the growing hard on before sucking it dry is awesome, love riding cowgirl style (let me do all the work ;)) I'm a complete slut, love going to parties and being the only t girl especially when all the guys are taking it in turns to spit roast me bare back, I love being used and abused and fucked and wanna entertain some strangers dogging in epping forest, so get in touch guys groups gangs parties let me be your tv cum slut!! Xxxxxx. ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

View Ads Click here (42) Straight male for TS/TV/Cd:- I'm a fit, horny active guy thats up for some local sexy fun meets.I'm looking for meets with all members as I'm open for trying new things and this was my mine reason for joining the site. Im honest clean and respectful with a GSOH and here to feast over all of the wonderful sexual experiences thats on offer. I have no age, weight, race preferences . As you can see in my profile Im straight but bi curious which is something I want to explore more and keen to hear from tv/ts/cd members. If you've got any fantasies why not tell me about them and lets see if we make them ... ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

View Ads Click here (18) CD/TV/TS I love dressing up and then meeting up with straight guys for sex. I love dressing to frill and being with a guy and turning him on see his hard cock grow as I putt my hand in his trousers before sucking him dry and then riding cowgirl style. I'm a complete slut and would love to attend a party being the only tgirl especially with all males as they take turns to spit roast me. I also enjoy outdoor sex / dogging with strangers so guys ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

View Ads Click here (62) Male for TG. I'm a genuine man that has a big caring heart and looking to meet with transgender contacts. I understand the REALITIES of life and m - f TG well least as as far as man can and know you feel "More than" either of the other two accepted sexes. As a TG you gain from both sexaulirties but your heart aches for feminine side and singularity a genuine relationship with a man that will respect you and offer both friendship ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

View Ads Click here (41) CD/TV/TS I'm a sexy tall passive transvestite thats VERY convincing ( see my photos I've uploaded over a 100 to my personals advert) thats here to meet with active males for fun and perhaps turning into a long term relationship / boyfriend. I'm slim, with legs that go on forever and a nice curved bottom thats well shaped and loves the attention from a man. I know this site is a sex contacts website but would really like something a little more long term or maybe even love!. I enjoy going out to night clubs and dancing and can be quite a naughty girl with the right encouragement and could meet ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (48) I'm a Sophisticated gentleman thats here to meet TV / TS girlfriend or very kinky lady. Im kind, generous, discreet and ultra-clean and fully expect the same in return. I'm after local meets with a TV / TS with a view to becoming a girlfriend / long-term basis but would consider something casual if that was your preference. I'm a gentle and romantic guy thats got a very kinky ((Contact this Member - Click here) )


Advice for straight males meeting transvestites for sex .....

If your a straight guy looking for sex with with transvestites, transsexuals, tgirls, shemales or crossdressers its really not hard ( dirty minds !!!! ) lol

But as a straight guy you do have to remember your contacting someone that not only will be getting loads of messages from other straight guys but also often someone that expects a man you put a little effort in.

If you think contacting a UK shemale / Transvestite with a message saying " I want to fuck you" with a photo of your cock is going to succeed then let me stop you right now........it won't !!!

The first thing you have to except is like any personals website members do get loads of messages from members wanting to meet up, this means to succeed your message has to stand out from the crowd

This means

  • A good profile telling others about yourself and your likes
  • photos.......and I'm not talking about your cock either. It may not surprise you but most transvestites have cocks ;o) so they know what one looks like.. Make sure you also show a body photo, if you don't want to show your face at first then tell the member so but be prepared at some stage to send a face photo, the member will want it
  • Good into message ....Worst thing you can do " wanna meet up I've got 8" ready to fuck you" lol...that message was sent to a TG girlfriend before I started seeing her and YEP I'm sure you can imagine what she did with that message. You don't have to write a huge email but something that proved you've read there personals advert and are interested in meeting up
  • lastly if your contacting a straight transvestite don't except them to fuck you! its not going to happen

OK....want to meet up join us using the link below ..

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