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Its may well be the 5th biggest region in Wales but the local Pembrokeshire Transvestites turn online to meet local contacts as like so many already know you're never going to head to a local Pembrokeshire Transvestite club, well not unless my research is totally naff as I could locate any!!

Whether your a Pembrokeshire Tgirl looking to meet other similar contacts or wanting to find admirers your in the best place and to give you some idea we have this preview page where sample local contacts photos and example personals have been posted....but it gets better ;o)

Unlike so many other adult personals sites we don't make you join or give us your email account before giving you access to ALL our members, and you can see this for yourself by clicking the Pembrokeshire contacts link below and viewing even more.....but ;o( you can't contact the members till you join, otherwise our members would be getting messages from anyone, including the idiots that sadly troll Transvestite personals sites

Joining is EASY....FAST and if you want basic features even FREE ( please note the basic features we offer in most cases is better than the paid ones many other sites offer....Just look for yourself click here

So interested to find out more? either use the link above and read about the features or enjoy the examples below....not forgetting of course the local photos posted by members - please note these are REAL and current members images and as a member you can contact ANY of them, assuming the member is looking for you ;o)

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View Ads Click Here.. (47) Had enough of the vanilla life... ..
Hey, I guess I've come back as I used to be a member, but stop, but I'm returning as I'm not totally convinced I want a vanilla relationship anymore and I'm finding myself needing a LOT more. I've been a transvestite since my teens and when I first started dressing it just a sexual thing and enjoyed the frill of wearing my GF knickers, that very quickly changed and whilst I started out trying to block it didn't work out, plus past GF's have not understood my dressing needs so I've joined this site to meet with a female that will understand my dressing needs and happy to be involved within this part of me. I'm a very loving person who wants nothing more than finding a girl who accepts me. I would say I'm 95% straight LOL as I've only had a couple of encounters with a males, and I'm not saying I wouldn't try again but would be looking for a relationship with a women, a guy would / maybe just fun. So message me if you want to chat? (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (50) Pembrokeshire Dogging meets ..
I'm not the most convincing tranny going but I do love meeting guys for sex in public places. I'm looking to meet up with men locally for some fun. I had GREAT grades and love O & A. I'm happy to meet up and suck you off and I never waste a drop by not swallowing, then afterwards you can leave, or should you like just pull my knickers to one side and fuck me and leave. Make sure you bring rubbers if you want A . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) Threesomes in Pembrokeshire ..
I'm a very private TV thats been dressing for many years although as I've never been in the scene I've not had a lot of experiences, but those I have had have been great and would love to experience similar again. I've never had a threesome and I would love to try this meeting with a couple. I'm not a sit on the bed and watch person and prefer for us all to have fun together. I'm versatile although do prefer being a bottom, but could be persuaded to be top. I do dress fully but I only keep my dressing in private and can either accommodate or travel, if I travel I will need somewhere to change. I will consider meeting males but will only be a bottom TV. I've posted some photos so please check them out and message me . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (56) Mature Transvestite Pembrokeshire ..
Hi I have returned to this site after being away for 7 yrs, where have those years gone !! but its great to be back. I stopped dressing and got rid of everything, and I really wished I kept my clothes, shoes, boots, etc, anyway, but its been fun filling my wardrobe and its now fully restocked and at least now I can say I have a more modern look. Ive been involved in the scene for many years on and off and whilst living in Bristol whilst working there did attend a few TV venues. parties and even now still nice to go out every now and then, even if it is just to get out, its quite a frill. I'm now retired and living in Pembroke and whilst i I have plenty of opportunities to dress I prefer to dress in the company of other TV/CD/Tgirls. I also enjoy the sexual side, but we can talk about that face to face. Please feel free to contact me. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) Pembrokeshire Bi-curious married Crossdresser ..
I'm a bi-curious married guy that started out by just wearing my wife's knickers, but no its moved further along and dressing up and now want to meet others that will undress me and have sex. ..I've never done anything like this before and it was only when I started dressing that I had bi thoughts and I'd like to suck a cock for the first time, and have you suck mine. Happy to meet other bi guys or CDs to be my first. You must offer absolute discretion, and I will need a bit of planning to get away, but hopefully it should be worth it ... ( contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) All dressed up no one to play with ..
Hi. Im 27 and have been dressing for a long time now and getting more comfortable doing so and enjoy getting out and now want to meet others when in fem mode. Im would class myself as being mostly submissive but I wouldn't say I'm into bondage its just I like others to take control. When fem i will do anything because i love giving control of myself to people I meet with. I'm happy to meet all members including single guys but I am a bottom TV so please don't ask if I fuck I am very interested in meeting other tvs cds and trans and could be switch. Age not an issue and I can accommodate or travel (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) Pembrokeshire Tall Transvestite :-
I'm tall, tarty tv looking too meet others with same interests will meet men, but you'll need to be 6' plus and ideally hung as well ;o). I'm very clean & smooth, would expect same of others and sex is always safe . Im here to meet up and not interested in endless messages so if this appeals please do not hesitate in dropping me a message! (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) Transsexual for Chatrooom or webcam fun
Hiya, first let me say I'm NOT MEETING ANYONE right now as I just can't but I do love meeting up in the chatroom here talking with friends especially other transsexuals, also if you have a webcam maybe we could meet in the webcam chatroom. I dress fully and spend most of my time in as a transwomen and I'm lucky that I work for myself. I'm looking at building friends and since being a member here I've meet up with lots of people and built a few really good online friends. I'm not here for anything naughty online just meeting up and chatting and I'm happy to meet with anyone thats either just starting out or is a little confused. PS Guys what part of not meeting do you not understand !! (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) Pembrokeshire Panties fun :-
I'm not convincing or out and just into wearing sexy panties and then meeting others for sex. I can accom or travel. Only other tv/cd members (contact members)

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