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I was always under the impression that the Neath Port Talbot tranny scene was part of West Glamorgan until sexy Port Talbot shemale directed me towards wiki, although would have preferred more hands "on" contact with her ;o)

Neath Port Talbot is one of the more populated regions across South Wales and the 8th largest by member numbers, which does mean LOTS of members to check out and better still hopefully meet .

Whilst this page features local Neath Port Talbot transvestites as it also borders Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Powys and Carmarthenshire meeting up with members from other region is easy with the advance profile features we offer out members - but for now listed here are local members from the towns of Neath, Port Talbot and Pontardawe.

Free local contacts and samples from Neath Port Talbot tgirls - please read the samples below have been edited and once a member you'll also have access to photos associated with profiles - the large image below is a sample ( edited ) from that member and random images below

Feature:- View Ads Click Here.. ( Neath Port Talbot CD) Looking to meet with single members either male admirers, females or other Port Talbot TV/TS/Cd members - my interested are casual meets, Crossdressing, oral, anal ( safe sex ) and some fun sexual encounters

Hi I'm matildeuk a mature crossdress male thats 62 years old and looking to travel to meet members.

I'm still VERY much a closet xdresser that just loves wearing female clothing and then meeting others for some private fun .. I enjoy wearing all kings of outfits and I've posted a few photos showing you just some of them..

I'm new to the personals scene and meeting up with others but I'm adventurous and looking forward to trying new things and experiences and happy to try anything out you want to explore so long as its safe. I also now have a very busty RG that is looking to meet up during the daytime, maybe a threesome if you .... ( contact members)

The samples below are just a few - loads more are inside the members section along with photos and contacts details

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View Ads Click Here.. (48) CD/TV/TS Port Talbot / Neath .. I'm a Bi tgirl living in Port Talbot, Glamorgan and joined for meets with couples ONLY as I really want to try a threesome. I'm 5'8" slim / small build and have been a tgirl for years and in fact started shortly after leaving school as I was dressing a little whilst at school but knew I wanted more. I've had lots of experiences meeting with singles but I'm never had a threesome and its something I really want to experience so thought I'd give the personals side (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (28) bi curious TV/TS Port Talbot/ Hello I'm Kennie a shy bi curious crossdresser thats been curious about sex as a Cd for sometime and have now joined this site to see just how curious. I'm only looking to meet other xdressers as I would like to meet my soul mate for a little bit of fun round mine. I'm single so meeting at mine is ok so long as you can be discreet. I'm not just looking for sex as I want to build relationships so that we can enjoy nights in dressing and trying some (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (55) full time pre op TS Neath /..
I'm here to find a partner / boyfriend, maybe even a full time live in lover, what this does mean is I'm NOT looking for a casual shag buddie or fuck partner so if thats what your after better look somewhere else. I've been living as a full time women for 10 yrs now and very few people really know the truth. I work for myself as a graphic designer from my little office at home in Neath and would say I have a good standard of living and enjoy time aboard as I do enjoy the heat, something thats missed living in South Wales. I do go out but lost interest in the TS scene years ago and prefer going to nice bars and enjoy good food, but I do have to watch what I eat otherwise this figure I've worked at for years wouldn't be around for long. I've posted some photos and please don't contact me if all you want is to see naked ones as thats not going to happen plus I'm not about to strip off for anyone. My ideal partner would be a single guy, 35-50, slim and straight acting as (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (32) Pantyhose Sex Port Talbot / .. anyone into outdoor sex? I don't fully cross-dress but do love wearing tights for sex! I can meet up outdoors as I know some private locations were we can meet up. If meeting in public I'll be wearing tights under jeans and can offer oral & some mutual wanking with other tights lovers. I can accommodate but only during the daytime and love getting all hot and sweaty raping my legs around other tights lovers. If meeting at home I'm happy for anal sex and I'm versatile in the bedroom and love nothing more than pulling tights down slipping a finger inside and making someone ready to take a good fucking! I will only (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) Neath TV cams sex only /..
Hiya anyone fancy meeting up in the webcams chatroom? I'm NOT meeting up right now (long story) but am meeting in the cams to cams chatroom. I dress fully and happy to hear from other trannies right across the UK or indeed anywhere. I've had some members from males but I'm not here to meet admirers but only trannies. I do enjoy some role playing fun and have a good selection of outfits & toys. I've posted up some photos showing you some of the kinky things we could try but I will only talking online with members that have webcams as I'm not about . ( contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) Port Talbot TV /..
I'm a slim, tall bi tranny living on the outskirts of Port Talbot and looking to meet others for some NSA fun meets. I have VERY long slim legs that I do love to show off wearing VERY short dresses and always with stockings. I'm only looking for other trannies for some gurls only fun either at mine or yours as I can accommodate and I'm not out. When contacting me please make sure I get to see some flesh !! i'm into everything thats fun and safe so . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (50) new Tgirl Port Talbot /:-
Hello any tgirls fancy helping this tgirl turn into a sexy young women so that I can get out and enjoy myself. I've been dressing for some years but as I'm now single I'm able to dress my fully and enjoy myself, but using make up is something I've never done before and if I'm wanting to get out and meet others its something I'm going to have get my head around, but i'm stuggling. From the next down I have a very good look, I'm slim, small build, smooth and have a feminine type figure that just dying to get out and start showing it off. I'm only looking for meets with other out tgirls as I want to have a make over night then head off out to some bars. Once we get home we can have lots more fun as I'm bi and happy to take on any role you (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) sissy cuckold crossdresser :- I've been told to ad this advert by my wife as shes fed up not getting fucked by a real man. I'm a sissy cuckold husband and not had proper sex with my wife for over 10 yrs as shes been fucking other men, sometimes without me knowing other times returning with cum soaked panties and ordered to clean. She wants to meet men that will fuck her whilst I watch and offer sometime of cuckold cleanup ether before, after or during. If your not bi thats fine as I will clean my wifes pussy before you fuck her or afterwards as she does love taking a load in her pussy and then sitting on my face forcing me to lick every drop., Theres little I won't do and can either just sit in the corner of the bedroom not saying anything or will (contact members)

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