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One of the first things I do when adding these preview pages is search for local contacts which in this case is Horsham transvestites as I do like to see just whats going on around the local scene...whether thats people looking for clubs or general information

Something that caught my attention was article placed within a local school website that was about a young Horsham transsexual that returned to school to talk about the LGBT I presumed in Horsham .... its really quite an interesting article and well worth checking out ...more Horsham Tranny ( article external link)

Whilst the article is very interesting I presume you've come here to meet some of local contacts ? well if so your in the right place and a feature advert is below. Some ads are featured within these pages because.... well read the advert and you'll see just why ;o)

This site is for adult use only ....under 18 please leave

Feature:- View Ads Click Here.. ( Worthing TV ) I'm a thirty something straight transvestite thats here to meet with females, couple, group & CD / TV / TS, so what else do you need to know ;o)

Hi, I've posted a face photo of me as I'm really hopeless at writing these adult personals things as I never know what say, although that makes it sounds like I've done loads LOL..I've not

Heres my attempt to described myself . I'm in my early thirties and have brown eyes and long brown hair, 5'10" and average build.. I would class myself as being quite chilled and a relaxed person..

I've joined the site as I am quite shy and hopefully being here will help me finds some local contacts around Horsham. I am trying to be more outgoing and starting here !!! When contacting me I will try to get back ASAP or if you see me online say hi in the TV chatroom but least right now my time is limited. (contact members)

want more? well I'm happy to help fellow admirers and trannies connect ;o) ...enjoy then join us to upload YOU advert ... after all basic membership IS free

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View Ads Click Here.. (59) Horsham Out tranny ..
I'm a party Tgirl thats here to meet up with guys, couples and other fun tgirls. I do enjoy to party whether thats meeting at my home as I can accommodate , yours or just heading out to a transvestite club and I often head to Candy Girls, Sweet Wednesday and the like. I would say I prefer being in a crowd / group as the more the merrier and more fun! I'm mature so into my fifties now but I'm not some old mature tranny that doesn't know how enjoy myself and whilst I know we all get old I do hate .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) Bi-curious TV Horsham ..
(Feature top image used from this members personals advert) Hello I'm a slim ( athletic build, not too big) and a late thirties bi transvestite. I'm here to meet up with male admirers or similar trannies that want to meet up for some exciting and erotic fun. I enjoy all forms of adult "consensual" play . I'm very interested in meeting with members that enjoy rubber wear as I do have a good selection of rubber outfits and enjoy meets involving BDSM and can be a dominant TV or submissive should you prefer so versatile.. I do take care of myself and enjoy meeting similar build members that know how to sensual times. I can't accommodate but will travel to meet (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (48) Horsham Pre Op TS/ ..
I'm a straight transsexual thats here to meet a man for a LTR, still reading, good. First a little about me I'm a pre op TS thats been a FT female for 10 years and I'm 100% female all bar one "little" thing!. I've got no interest in getting it chopped as its so small and never wakes anymore I almost forget its there and thats just how I like my male partners to treat it. I do have some photos ready but I want to her from you first and tell me something about you before I start posting my photos all over the internet. I'm here to meet straight males ONLY, if your profile says you bi, bi curious or gay I won't be responding to your advert as I only enjoy being around straight males. Ideally you'll need to be aged between 50-60, slim build and know how to please a transwomen. I live alone but will meet up in a local bar, sorry safety in numbers as they say (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (46) panties sex Horsham ..
I'm a mature CD thats sensual and here to meet men or similar panty loving crossdressers. I can accommodate and looking for dressing fun, safe meets, threesomes, voyeurism and some wanking fun..I do love sensual meets with dressing and getting very feminine but I'm not a convincing crossdresser. I do love quality panties and really good silky knickers, lingerie & always with stockings. I can only meet for daytime meets and not looking for one offs but arranging regular daytime fun. Cleanliness & discretion goes without saying either way. I'm not into pain nasty stuff and maybe we could meet up first for . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (35) Dogging in Horsham/ ..
I love sex outdoors and know lots of safe meeting places around Horsham where we can meet. I'm happy to meet for daytime fun or should you prefer night. I'm 36 slim and daytime passable ;o) . I'm into most things but do love oral sex and will never waste a drop! If you want anal that will have to be at night as its safer. I know a very quite lay by with a little picnic table thats perfect to bend over and get fucked. I'm not looking for anything back in return and happy to just meet up and I'll suck or you fuck me and then leave. If you drop me a private message I'll tell (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) Tight sex in Horsham ..
I have a passion for wearing tights and happy to meet with others that enjoy sex in tights or just meeting up with other that enjoy seeing men in tights as nothing is more sexy than guys / xdressers / trannies in tights. Is there anything better than a sexy bum in tights bent over and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) BBW Horsham ..
I'm a big, beautiful transvestite women thats been a TV now for nearly 20 years and thanks to an extremely supportive partner I've managed to get my look just how I want it and I've been very lucky to have her help. As you can see from my photo I am a big TV so please only contact me if you prefer your trannies with some real curves. I can dress in most styles as I have a large collection especially long evening gowns. When meeting up it is only for me and will travel to meet and looking for similar trannies for friendship and to broaden my horizons a little more (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (47) Domme TV Horsham/
I'm looking for submissive males for training. I'm a experienced dominant transvestite thats recently returned to Horsham and now find myself without any toys to play with. I've been involved in the BDSM scene for 20 years although only recently switched roles to a leather TV domme as I thought it was well overdue for me to hand out the punishment. I will only meet males and if your straight you will have to take forced bisexual acts as I do have a sissy slave that I enjoy teasing and she will follow ANY instructions. We can agree limits before we meet but these limits will just be about pain and not about what I will order you to do. I dress fully in leather and you will be made to lick my boots and clean me with your tong right (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (71) Mature TV Horsham :-
I'm looking to meet up with another mature tranny for fun and friendships. I'm a mature tv thats 5' 11" average to medium build and smooth / trimmed. I'm a non smoker and enjoy a social drink. I dress fully and love getting into feminine outfits with make up, wigs and always nails to give me that great overall femme look. I'm still in the closet but I've got to a stage where I really want to get out of the closet and WLTM another Tv thats out so that we can chat, exchange views and have some fun in a relaxed atmosphere, this may lead onto other things but first how about meeting up and getting to know each other. I'm not able to accommodate and please as you've seen. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) Young TS Horsham ..
Hi All Im a transsexual living in Horsham thats a lesbian TS and only looking to meet wit other TV/TS members. I love all types of dressing and as you see enjoy having my photo taken as I've uploaded a few into my personals advert. Really only looking for other that do dress (contact members)

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