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Feature:- (View Ads Click Here.. - Swindon TV / TS / CD) Seeking Male admirers only -

I'm a submissive Swindon TV thats gay so only looking to meet with male admirers. I'm into my forties and as you can see slim / fit and I'm very much in touch with my feminine side dressing fully and then enjoy meeting with males

I'm 5' 9" ( when in flats) and have deep blue eyes and so I've been told lovely eyelashes ;o). I do love my dressing and always take on the role of being submissive so please don't ask if I can switch as its not something I'm interested in exploring..

When dressed I love wearing heels, stockings and sexy lingerie (don't we all!!) and enjoy the attention I get from an admirer. I'm not new to the transvestite scene as I've been dressing off and on for about 30 years now ( I started very young) but its only been recently that I started meeting up again and going out as I'm "out"

I do love the freedom I have when going out as Linda and both my feminine & submissive side are developing very well and I'm a very confident transvestite and probably about 90% within aspects of my sexuality. But what I really want is to push my sexual boundaries and here to meet up with admirers, dommes and other transvestites.. I'm happy to chat and you'll find me fun, energetic and . ( contact members)

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View Ads Click Here.. (42) CD/TV/TS Swindon.. I'm a married CD thats looking to meet with a mature admirer so that he can take my crossdressing virginity. I love using poppers as it makes me very slutty and horny and now want to have a come round and treat me slutty fucking me. I will dress slutty then you can introduce me to enjoying your cock for sucking and fucking. Being married it must be discreet. I am able to accom saturday night so come on (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) CD/TV/TS Swindon .. Ok anyone up for some fun? I'm a Bi Cross-dresser thats here to meet up with all members and as I can accommodate we can always meet at mine. I'm a fun loving experienced xdresser thats more than willing to have a go at most things and really enjoy meeting up with others for some NSA fun. I enjoy my Cross dressing and I'm more a man of action than words so I've posted a load of photos in my personals advert so you can check me out after all actions speaks volumes over words. I'm adventurous and will give most types of meets a go and don't think I've ever said no to a request. I hope you like the sound of me and if you want to know more or better still meet up why not send (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) CD/TV/TS Swindon..( personals advert with over 70 uploaded images) I'm a bisexual TV thats looking for males or other similar TV/VD members. I love stocking, heels and as you can see having my photo taken. I'm open minded and will try most things at least once and if I like it i'll want a lot more. I have long slim legs.. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) CD/TV/TS Swindon.. I'm a heavily tattooed transvestite thats joined to make some new CD/TV friends ( not looking to meet males) I'm 42 years old and as you can see love to dress fully wearing attractive and sexy outfits as I just love the feeling of wearing female clothing. Happy to chat online and meet up so drop me message and lets have some dressing fun times along with (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) CD/TV/TS Swindon.. I'm a submissive rubber transvestite sex slut thats looking to meet with all dominant members that will abuse & humiliated me in me home in Swindon. Wilts. Im smooth slim and VERY submissive thats extremely kinky transvestite sex slave & rubber tranny. I love everything about BDSM and being used sexually abused, punished but above all humiliated either by singles of groups. Obscene sex is fine, in fact wanted with abuse,CBT, piss, enemas, caning fisting basically being used as for your pleasure no matter what that is. My look is usually rubber and have rubber panties, inflatable bra, mini dresses full length gloves, collars and will have full make-up on If you want to turn up and use my equipment fine I have everything a master / mistress could need but your more than welcome to bring your own. I'm from Swindon and can accommodate and ideally after members that are (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) CD/TV/TS Swindon.. I'm a Transvestite that really wants to be a woman! I'm here to meet with mature admirers as I'm 49 years old and would prefer members slightly older and looking for occasional meets for a little bit of NSA sex and a bit of a giggle. I wouldn't say I'm that convincing as I'm quite tall and big but (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (53) CD/TV/TS, Swindon..I'm a Swindon Trannie Girl thats looking for a playmate as I'm single so can meet at my home, PLEASE READ all my advert below as it will save time. I'm a fully shaven bi Transvestite thats very proud of my looks and the effort I put into being a transvestite. I'm here to meet up with other similar Tv/Cds, couples, single women or even single guys but only reliable guys and ones that if they say they will turn up WILL!. I'm been involved within a long term relationship and I find myself now needing a playmate and maybe even one that we could live together perhaps with . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) CD/TV/TS Swindon.. I'm looking to meet with either groups or singles that will use me for gangbang sex / bukkake meets as I would love to have a group of males cumming over me and be bukkaked as I adore cum and would love to receive large messy facials. I'm more than up for single meets but if you want a bukkake transvestite for your party or group meeting I'm your gurl so pls (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) CD/TV/TS Swindon.. I'm an attractive TV thats here to meet with males, females, couples & other mature transvestites. I'm submissive and do enjoy the dogging scene so if you fancy some car park sex around Swindon drop me a message and I'll tell you were be and we can have fun. If you have a location / lay by you (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (59) CD/TV/TS Swindon ..I'm a laid back & easy going crossdresser looking just after some good old fun. I'm a bit of hopeless romantic and do enjoy fine meals & good wines plus I do love to experience new things and I'm not just talking about food & fine either. Im here to find a partner, someone to share fun times with and develop a long relationship trying new frills and exciting times together. I prefer my partners to be feminine either other tv/ts/cd or female partners but above all feminine. My ideal partner would be smart, sexy and someone that understands how to tease and tantalise in the bedroom and thats imaginative and doesn't assume that ..(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (48) CD/TV/TS Swindon .. I'm a bi curious crossdresser that love wearing stockings, high heels and sexy lingerie. I'm here to meet with other CDs only and whilst I appreciate the messages from guys I'm not looking to meet with single males only other crossdressers. I'm looking at dressing more (contact members)

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