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Is the local Kidderminster  Transvestite scene all just about local gurls heading off to the big city lights of Birmingham ?

Well looking at the 5 pages of personals I think theres a pretty good chance thats not the case and here this is an introduction into whats going on within Kidderminster ... or at least a preview into some of the members that have already joined use.....

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The real question should be I guess is whats your idea of a dream date with Kidderminster transsexuals? a romantic night in? meeting up at a local dogging site? or finding a BDSM contact for some role playing fun...either way your in the right place to access personals and examples of those are below

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View Ads Click Here.. (47) Kidderminster TV .. Hi, I'm looking for other tv /ts / cd for fun. I enjoy dressing in sexy but feminine outfits and in nice silky or tight skirts as I have a bum to show off LOL.. especially when wearing stockings that offer a lovely silky touch wow. I'm not a fan of body hair so smooth all over and likewise I do expect the same from other like minded people. Im very open minded and do my best to let bad things ride over me and not take bad things to heart. I've been dressing for a few years secretly but now want to get out and see the big bad world and looking for members that are out so that we can try clubs and just enjoy ourselves. Sex wise I still a gurl that prefers the comfort of a bed so we . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (32) Kidderminster Tgirl ..Hey! I'm back again I really just can't keep away from this site! if your looking at my photos and think you remember me drop me a message as I've had to use a new username also my details have changed a little now as i can accommodate as well. So some updates, I'm single and starting out again as my wife found out and threw all my clothes out along with me LOL.. It was probably well overdue and now that we are single I'm happy its all done. So I don't have a lot of outfits other than the couple you see in my photos and I'm now starting to buy new but having to pay for everything else that comes along with setting up a home its not happening fast. But I'm enjoy looking at fashions and trying to work out what looks hot or not on me ( thank god for online shopping) As I'm single now I can enjoy my dressing more and its not some rushed attempt when the wife isn't around, also I can meet u much better and even have friends round to my place. I'm not looking to meet guys right now as I just want to spend sometime meet up with other trans for some. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (56) Dogging in Kidderminster .. I'm going to be moving to Kidderminster next month and looking to meet guys for some dogging fun. I don't know any locations but I'm sure there must be a few hidden away that hopefully members will share. If you drop me a message I can let you know when I'll be moving there and hopefully arrange to meet. I'm a convincing TV but as I meet in dogging sites only go out after dark. I love O & A and my can bonnet has seen lost of (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (32) TS Kidderminster .. Full time transsexual thats looking for a boyfriend. I've been single for a few years now and thought it was now time to start trusting guys and meet up. I live my life full time as a ts and work for a local company ( yes the MD knows, its a little hard to hide that when going for a job) I am a pre op so still fully working down below and my breast whilst small are all mine! I will only meet (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (54) MILF TV Kidderminster..
..Hi there, I am a MILF tranny thats been dressing for years and I have loads of complete outfits that seems to be extending every weekend and a new wardrobe will be needed soon. Im here to meet men only and do have a thing for strong manco types and guys that are very masculine men and if you have a shaved head with tattoos then bonus, but I'm open to offers so long as your masculine. I can accom in my home in Kidderminster and am up for regular meets rather than just one offs as that really doesn't do a lot other than releasing a bit of sexual pressure. Please look at my pics as they will tell you more about me than me just giving my vitals out. I would be keen on meeting a black man as I've (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) Sissy Cuckold Kidderminster.. Hello I'm a sissy CD thats married and my wife has told me to post this advert. She wants to meet males that will have sex with her whilst humiliating me and afterwards using me for sissy clean up. I've been a sissy CD for a few years and my wife enjoys dressing me in female lingerie and then teasing me over the size of my cock as its very small, in fact she doesn't like to look at it anymore and I'm forced to wear a chastity device and panties over the top. You must be experienced within the cuckold scene as we have tried this whilst being a member of another personals site and the guys where just time wastes. I will follow any instructions but my wife does like to abuse me and have me watching whist guys are having sex with her. I'm straight but have been . (more)
View Ads Click Here.. (34) BDSM Kidderminster..I'm a switch tranny that enjoys the BDSM scene especially meeting with other trans. I will meet all single and couples so long as the male is bisexual. I do class myself as being a full switch TV as I really enjoy and can take on roles of being a dominant tranny or submissive which every you prefer. I have a good selection of outfits but love wearing PVC, rubber and a few leather outfits, although not many as its bloody expensive!!. I'm able to accommodate and I'm working on a little playroom thats slowly getting filled up with all those kinky toys you need (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) Young Tgirl Kidderminster:- After years of trying to dress when alone in the house I now at last have my own place! I've been xdressing for about 10 yrs and whilst I think I have all the attributes to make a convincing women I'm still struggling a little with my look, probably not helped by my lack of experience using make up. I would love to get out and try some of the clubs I've been reading about but right now its just out of the question. I'm after meets with other youngish tgirls that are out and fancy meeting up round mine ( really never thought I would ever say that) for dressing and make up nights. I'm not just looking for help as I do know my way around a tgirl and enjoy oral either (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) CD Kidderminster/:- I'm a single TV thats here to meet with some friends. I've never been out dressed and hopefully one day with the support of friends I may well get out. I'm bisexual although only looking for TV/TS friends right now and maybe something sexual will happen maybe not, but right now its just meeting up with others round mine (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (32) Sex in Hotels Kidderminster..I love sex in hotels which considering I live in them most of the week is quite handy . I'm based in Kidderminster but travel around the UK with my business and I always have a fun overnight bag in the back of the car. Most of my overnight trips are in the North sometimes West Midlands if i have an early start so can meet members in quiet a few locations and so even if you not local to me then message me. My look is smart / sexy / sassy and have a passion for silk lingerie and keep myself smooth as the hairy stockings look really doesn't do a lot for me. I'm versatile in the bedroom so long as we all have safe fun and theres nothing too kinky as i'm not really into bondage or pain but prefer . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (35) Spanking Kidderminster ..I love spanking a bottom whether thats meeting with another TV or sub male. I'm not into any other types of correctional sports but know how to offer a good spanking especially to some little hottie whilst bent over my knees and wearing little panties. I enjoy O & A but I'm a top tranny and will fuck either males or other . (contact members)

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