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View Ads Click Here.. (54) CD/TV/TS North Yorks, Harrogate ..(feature used from personals ad - over thirty profile photos ) Hello I'm no longer in Spain and have returned to the UK living close to Harrogate, N Yorks. I'm approx 5'11 when in heels, sometimes a little shorter depending on my heels.. I like to dress in sexy outfits that show off my legs so always short skirts often with a tight tops normally with a corset to offer me a sexy shape. I'm here to meet up with males, females and other trannies and love it when someone runs there hands under my skirt and starts to tease me and fingering my pussy. As I've just returned to Harrogate I'm looking at finding some new local contacts to share some fun times meeting with gurls and admirers. I do enjoy most things and have excellent O & A grades but also looking for bukkake meets so if your .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (50) CD/TV/TS , Harrogate.. I'm not a tarty tranny but prefer the more classy look and will always make the effort to look the part. I'm here to meet females or TVs and can accommodate. I dress fully with make up, lingerie, skirts and heels and love impressing these I meet. I'm happy to exchange some photos if you like as I have more ready and hopefully this will lead towards meeting (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) CD/TV/TS North Yorkshire, Harrogate. I'm here to meet up with all members that know how to have fun. I'm an easy going TV/CD thats not after anything serious and just a bit of NSA fun. If your here for fun & sexual adventures then contact me. I can meet up indoors or if your into dogging then we can arrange something. I'm also good with a digi camera if you would like (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (61) CD/TV/TS Harrogate .. I'm a sixty something TV so I suppose it means I'm a mature TV. I love wearing satin & nylon and I'm here to meet with another similar tv as I'm always wondered what it would be like sliding my hands up stocking legs to find a hard cock waiting to played with, hopefully you feel the same and if so we can arrange to meet up and have some fun. I'm NOT . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (41) Pre op TS Harrogate/.. Hi I'm back on the market and looking for a man. I'm a full time transsexual thats all women other than the little secrete I have in my knickers. I do have photos ready but you'll need to contact me fist as I have a PIA ex boyfriend thats basically hounding me and spoiling everything I try to do. I will only meet with straight guys that enjoy the company of transsexuals and that are single as I'm wanting something more than a quickly as I can get that anywhere . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (32) CD/TV/TS , Harrogate ..Hi Im Victoria although thats not my real name but it will do till we get to know each other, after all you can't be too careful these days. I live my life as a double life being Vicky at every opportunity and when I'm meeting up with all my ts friends of which I'm happy to say I have some great girlfriends. But my double life is to come to an end soon as I'm planning for a full sex change and becoming the real women that I really want to be and I'm currently taking the steps involved with a transition. I'm here to meet with an admirer of trans people someone thats well built, very fit and if you play rugby even better so I think you can tell my type of (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (60) CD/TV/TS North Yorks, Harrogate.. Does anyone fancy meeting up and going out for a dance or a nice meal? I'm an out TV and love getting out and going to nice places and do love dancing. Since being here I'm meet up with some really nice local tgirls but would love to hear from other or female admirers. I'm able to accommodate or can meet at your home and whilst I love to get out I'm just as happy staying in and enjoy a cosy night enjoying each others company. I like to . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (43) CD/TV/TS Harrogate .. Hi whilst I've been dressing for some years its only recently that I've come out and now I want to start having some fun meeting up with couples females and other trannys. We can meet up at mine or travel you tell me which you prefer and if you've got anything you want to try well just ask. Get in touch and lets arrange to meet for a drink and .... (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (38) Harrogate Adult baby .. I'm a sissy adult baby thats looking for a mommy or daddy that will look after me. I wear little girls / baby outfits with nappies and enjoy being treated like a adult baby giving me cuddles and hugs and perhaps more. If you want t sissy baby that can accommodate contact me and lets have some.(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) Harrogate CD .. I'm a bi curious crossdresser thats just starting to learn about expressing my feminine and here to meet couples, or single for some fun either meeting at mine as I can accommodate or yours. I'm quite a shy person and hoping to find some local contacts here that will help me and I'll be able to open up too. I'm a passive CD and do not top at all and open for trying most things especially a threesome with a couple. I'm a non smoker and will only consider similar as I don't like the smell of cigarettes. Also I'm here for real meets as I'm not into webcam sex as thats just like watching.(contact members)

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