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Do you know what comes up top if searching for Rotherham transvestites? its a dress making service from a local fashion house, now whilst I have nothing against Jayne and its clear she offers a great service for Rotherham shemales / trannies if your looking for local contacts thats where we come into play ....outfits, speak to Jayne ;o)

Posted here is a sample of Rotherham crossdressers members adverts, although until a member you won't be able to contact these members for security reasons, but as basic membership is free hopefully that won't hold you back .....for those wanting a more advance features like free cam 2 cam chats, advance profile matching plus lots more ( read about that here) then you'll need to upgrade to a paid member

So, fancy checking some members out? enjoy and join soon to start send messages to local members right across this S.Yorkshire borough ................enjoy

Feature :- View Ads Click Here.. ( Rotherham TV) .. I'm a bi fifty something TV that lives in Rotherham and looking to meet with other TV/TS/Cd only ... NO males.

I've joined the site as I really want to have some fun gurlie meets with like minded souls that basically know how to enjoy themselves..

I do dress fully but adore slipping into a pair of sexy stockings , sheer panties plus anything else I can get my hands onto and very interested hearing from members who wear similar and then have some NSA fun..

I'm not able to accommodate so it will have to be yours but I'm happy to travel around S.Yorks to meet for O & safe A. I've posted a few photos so you can see me and if you contact me you MUST have photos ready otherwise I won't respond to your message ... Also I'm bi and won't meet with members that class themselves as straight ( I do find that odd)

Last ( I'm really not this bad ) I'm a reformed smoker so will only meet with non smokers, nothing against you its just I kicked the habit and don't want to get the urge again being around smokers. So how about ( contact members)

Want to meet local contacts ? well your in the right place ........

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View Ads Click Here.. (51) CD/TV/TS Rotherham..
Hello I'm Paula Pink UK thats joined to meet other sexy tv/ts/cd members. I love my dressing and always show off my legs wearing very short and quite slutty outfits that are so short show of my stocking tops and sometimes panties. I love meeting with similar members and having my skirt lifted to show of my hard cock and then I'll drop to my knees and suck your cock whilst wearing thick red lippy. If you want me all you need do is contact me as ..(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (43) TV Dogging in Rotherham/.. outdoor meets anyone? I love sex outdoors and know lots of great public places where we can meet and having some fun. I do dress fully but not 100% convincing so I keep my meets till after dark, plus its safer. I love oral sex and can deep throat like a pro!! If you like we can meet up and I'll suck you off in the car and once you've cum you can leave as I don't expect anything in return as I just love oral sex especially swallowing cum. I'm happy for anal but will need a look out and hopefully afterwards we can (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) Tranny in Rotherham Cam 2 Cam sex.. ( feature top image used above ) Hello gurls & girls why not come and say hi to me!. I'm a transvestite that loves to meet up online and loving the webcam chatrooms here, mind you I think you can tell that from my photos, but I'm also looking for anal sex toy fun & when meeting females strap-on sex.. I'm waiting to hear from you as my pussy ass cherry has long been popped and its now ready to have some more fun. cam 2 cam or just drop me (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) CD/TV/TS Rotherham (over twenty photos).. I'm a sexy slim young transvestite thats here to meet with dominant trannys / CDs. I dress just about every day and now just desperate to have someone dominate over me. I have lots of outfits and we can either meet at mine or yours and I huge passion for stockings, suspenders and killer heels, in fact the higher the better. My dressing in the past has always been a solo thing and only dress around the house when, but now want to start sharing my passion with other TV's and hopefully someone that appreciates me. As this is new to me I'm looking at taking things a little slower so will want to build friendships first then hopefully this will build into more later. It would be nice if I could meet with someone thats good at make up as I've never used make up or worn a wig but I'm starting to want to try this and keen to meet others that will show me the ropes so to speak. So thats me, enjoy my photos and if you want to know any more just drop me a message and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (46) Rotherham Crossdresser can accom..
I'm bi curious CD thats happy to meet all members but WLTM a strong dominant woman that wants some fun with s sub CD, are you out there? I'm able to accommodate and looking for long term relationship rather than just one offs. Ideally you'll need to be, possessive, dominant, single & a reliable person for some fun meets round mine or (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (18) Teen TV Rotherham..
I'm a teen tranny thats a bit lonely and have joined the site so that I can meet up with other young tgirls / trannys for some fun although it will have to be yours. I'm bi and happy to give most things a go so if you've got anything you want to try just tell me. If you want to know more about me drop me a email as I really hate writing these profiles as (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) Rotherham TV for males ..
Anyone for some sexy fun in South Yorkshire. I'm happy to hear from other similar TVs or will meet with male admirers for hopefully lots of sexy fun.. I'm into wearing ANYTHING that makes me feel sexy especially stockings, silky panties, bra's, slips etc and always matching. I would class myself as being quite convincing in looks & manner and dress fully when made up and being totally feminine and you can view my photo in my profile. I'm very genuine and if say I will meet I won't let you down as I do love everything about xdressing and it makes me feel incredibly sexy & horny and now just want to have (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (40) Bi Curious CD Rotherham .. I'm quite new to being a crossdresser and I've been wanting to start explore and just taking my first tentative steps and now want to meet with male admirers. I've been loosing some weight as I do carry a few extra pounds and would say I have a submissive nature and think I will enjoy taking the feminine with dominant males. One last thing I do find myself very attracted to black male admirers and I know this does rule out a lot of whites males I would be very interested in hearing from any black guys that (contact members)

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